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May 16, 2016-Lesson 29

Dates to Remember

Week of May 16th

Monday: Book orders due

Tuesday: Gym Day- be sure to dress accordingly!

Wednesday: Library Day

Thursday: Dairy Queen Night 5-7 pm & Liberty Talent Show 5:30-7:30 pm

Friday: Parent Packs go home

Language Arts

This week, we’ll be reading the folktale Two of Everything (Level M; pp. 487-503). We’ll be working on the elements of folktales and characters’ points of view.


tossed– to have thrown or flung something

odd– strange, unusual

contained– to have held or enclosed

something for something

startled– to have suddenly surprised


leaned- to have moved your body in a particular direction

search- to look for something

grateful- showing thankfulness for something

village- a very small town in the country

Click here to access my Quizlet page to practice these words!

Spelling Words: Lesson 29

1. aim

2. snail

3. bay

4. braid

5. ray

6. always

7. gain

8. sly

9. chain

10. shy

11. bright

12. fright

13. tray

14. try

15. contain

16. thigh

We'll take a pretest over these words on Monday. Children who miss one or more words will bring homework home on Monday, as well. Homework is due on Friday.

We'll take our test that day, too!


This week, we’ll continue learning about money. We'll continue to practice counting change, which is always tricky! We'll also learn about place value to the ten thousands place! We're going to review finding the area of shapes, and increase challenge by finding areas of odd shapes!

Keep practicing facts, too! Our last day to reach our benchmark of –10 will be Wednesday, June 1st.

Homework Hotline

Students and/or parents should be calling Homework Hotline every night! Here’s how:

1. Dial 942-4251

2. Press 6

3. Press 9741

4. Answer bonus question in Home Notebook and have a parent sign.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this nightly assignment, please contact me.

Contact Mrs. Palichuk

If you need to contact me, please use one of the following methods:

· Email:

· Voicemail: 942-4251 ext. 8741

· Write a note (You may use your child’s Home Notebook)