New England/New York/Philadelphia

The Megapolis

Where is it?

The Megapolis is located in the northeast corner of the United States. It consists of seven states Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York and Philadelphia.

What can I do when I get there?

You can visit many different attractions in the Megapolis region. The Rockefeller Center, Coney Island, Statue of Liberty and the Liberty Bell. These are only a few of the places you can visit but there are also things you like skiing, ice hockey, and different activiteis.

Natural hazards you should be aware of.

The Megapolis Functional Region because it is connected by subways and tunnels. transportation is a key to the metroplex lifestyle.

How is the land industrialized and what is its geography.

Skyscrapers are built due to lack of land, also parks are built for people to get away from the crowded sidewalks of the city. There are highways, bridges, and subways that connect the Burroughs of the Megapolis. There are long rolling hills, mountains, and jagged atlantic coastlines that are glacial landforms from retracts of ice sheets 18,000 years ago. You can visit Mount Washington, Green mountains, White mountains, and Mount Mansfield.

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