So you want to be President

By:yours truly Christian Stephens

Author and illustrator

Author- Judith St. George

Illustrator: David Small

Year it won

This book won in 2001

Why my book is a Caldecott winner

I think my book won the Caldecott because it was strung together well, so kids would be able to understand it. Also the pictures were entertaining, but they still made sense with the story.

5 interesting facts about the illustrator

The illustrator of this book is David Small. Mr. Small lives in Mendon, Michigan at the time. He was nominated in 2009 National Book award. Small has also won an E.B. White award for many of his books. Lastly for his book the Gardener he won a Caldecott honor and a Christopher Medal.

The Author's purpose

The Author's purpose was to entertain and to inform


I compared my book to the funny little woman (link below). I think the books are different because the funny little woman is more fictional. Also the other reason is this one was more straight to the point then my book.