The Great Depression!!


Basic Informtion

The Great Depression really wasnt that great, it was a worldwide economic crisis that, in the U.S. was marked by widspread unemployment and an 89% decline in stock prices. the Great depression is pegged with "black tuesday" or the market crash, on October 29, 1929 when Dow Jones' industrial average fell almost 23%

The stock market crash of 1929

This was the offiial start of the great depression, the stock prices got lower and lower until there was no hope for recovery. masses of people tried to sell their stock but, sadly nobody was buying. the stock markket had once been an easy way to get rich but then, it was the fastest way to bankrupsy. that was just the beginning, banks were forced to close becasue they invested in the people, a few banks closed and mass panic broke out, people withdrew all of their money leaving nothing for the banks. there were no ways to get your money once the bank closed so they were forced into bankrupsy.