Vigorous Volcanos

By Katie Moriarty

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Volcanic eruptions effect biodiversity because when the volcano erupts, not only does it destroy habitats, but it also kills off some animals due to the high temperatures of lava. If the organisms do not have a habitat to live in, then they will not be able to survive. Also, in the volcanic eruption it also destroys plants and producers. Without producers, consumers can't get their proper energy to survive. This effects biodiversity because if there is a low population and the ecosystem can not sustain it self then it will have a low biodiversity.

Surface: Positive Effect

Positive: When the volcano erupts, the volcanic material (lava) creates new land.

Surface: Negative Effect

Negative: The volcanic material (lava) ,destroys everything in its path.

Water: Positive Effect

Positive: Ash clouds decrease global temperatures which produce rainfall.

Water: Negative Effect

Negative: If the ash from the volcano or mud mixes with rainfall or water, fast moving mud will flow.

Atmosphere: Positive Effect

Positive: Geothermal energy is produced which can be used to power buildings.

Atmosphere: Negative Effect

Negative: The ash blocks the sun which effects the producers because they can no longer photosynthesize. This effects the consumers because they get their energy from the producers and with no producers, the consumers will eventually die.