The Monkey's Paw

By: Jessica Blandino

A brief taste of what this story is about.

Mr. White and his son Herbert were playing a game of chess in which Mr. White lost. Later that day sargeant-major Morris showed up at the White's house and introduced them to the Monkey's Paw thats grants 3 wishes only. Mr. White knew he wanted to make a wish because he wanted to change his fate so he made the first wish, which was for money, which he got because his son died the day after he made the wish. He got the money but what he and his family didnt know was that it was all a trick, the paw would grant the wishes but they would come out as bad luck. Mrs. White had made the second wish and it was for Herbert to come back to life, he did but he was supponsenly a zombie not a human. Mr. White knew the right thing to do was to use the last wish to put Herbert away for good, and he did, but Mr. White learned his lesson and had to loose his son.


The theme of The Monkey's Paw is to be careful for what you wish for. Appreciate what you have and when you have it, because Mr. White didnt appreciate what he had and for trying to make things better, he actually made things a lot worse. He didnt exactly get what he wanted, thats what happened for not appreciating what he had before.