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Importance of Leavening

Also know as rising agent leavening is important in dough batter. Leavening is for dough rising and taking its shape. An alternative motive of leavening is putting air into it mechanically.
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When making bread there has to be enough air or rise in the dough to correctly bake it. Otherwise the bread won't be as prepared it should be.


Leavening is what puts gas bubbles into the dough. This is why when we cut bread there are holes in it, the gas bubbles stay in it. Many leavening agents are synthetic chemical compounds. Leavening isn't just used in bread, it's also used in popovers, Yorkshire pudding, and sometimes Tempura. Cream puffs are made with steam as a replacement to leavening. Leavening is a reaction from an acid and base mixture which results in carbon dioxide gas. When making a cake if you lower the ph balance the cake will have a whiter crumb color. Mixing warm water, yeast, and sugar will give you the best reaction for creating carbon dioxide in a controlled environment.


Why would they ground deer antlers into dough?

Did they invent baking powder because of the taste?


Salt of hartshorn (Ammonium Carbonate).

Hartshorn is one of the oldest of “chemical” leavens. It was actually in use for many centuries before the predecessor of modern baking powder was developed in the middle of the nineteenth century.

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