Speed to Read

Please be sure your child is logging their reading everynight. Most of them should have two guided reading books and be reading them every evening. That is 14 entries a week!!

You also should be able to log their library books as often as you read them. If your child is reading chapter books please log each chapter. We would like to see Peterson first grade as a winner for TURN TWO!!!

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For the home information for the current MODULE 5 Unit for math.

Wear Coats

We go outside for recess, unless the weather is prohibitive, such as Rain or Snow or 32 Degrees or below. Please make sure you child wears or brings the proper attire.

Let's Fill the RUCK TRUCK!!

We can all be Santa's Helpers for children in need. The school wide goal is 1000 items!! See the fill the Truck Flyer your child's teacher sent!! We would love to see first grade win and build the 'human' sundae!!

Spelling Words

Friday Dec 11 Santa, but, nut, hut, shut, men, end, then, went, when

Friday Dec. 18 one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten

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Polar Express Day

December 11 Wear Your PJs!!!
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Penguin Patch Presented by PTA

An opportunity for your child to shop on their own for family members. December 7-11.