Drone Concerns

and Other Robots

Drones: Good or Bad?

Many companies and organizations are using robots during current times, and soon a new player will enter the field. Drones are flying devices that can transport items or survey areas. These drones are being used by big companies like Amazon for quick shipping. It can also be used as a weapon for the military as a UAV or an attack weapon. As these drones have many differing uses, they also have many cons. For example, the fact that the drones are at a high altitude makes a possible danger towards birds. Weather can harshly limit the accessibility of drones. Drones can also be affected by any fracture in their systems. Amazon drones can land purchased items on anywhere from the street, where your item can be run over to on your roof, where your item is out of reach.

Robotics: making a change

Robots other than drones have also made a huge change to the tech industry. The Google self driving car will help citizens of an area go place to place in a more efficient way, preventing crashes. Another robot changing our lives is the construction bot,. This bot was designed in the form of termites and will help build more efficient houses.

Cameron Sowder