Prek 4.2

Sept 1-4

Hello dear parents,

We have had another busy week here in Prek 4.2. The children have been engaging in a variety of activities to help introduce and reinforce rules and routines. Many important discussions have taken place in our circle time where we have brainstormed of different ways to play safely, kindly and responsibly inside and outside our classes. Our children have really provided accurate descriptions and reasons of how and why we should all comply with specific guidelines.

In addition to rules, we have also been focusing on the topic " All About Me" which of course blends very well with the concept of feelings . We have been learning about the different emotions and how we can communicate our ideas and feelings effectively.

All About Me

Some of our children have had the opportunity to select favorite items from home in order to present and share with the class. They have expressed their reasons for selecting each object and their peers had a chance to listen, touch and ask questions. We encourage those children who have not yet presented to try and prepare some fun items to bring to class! We all love getting to know how we are alike and different, especially identifying how important it is to celebrate our uniqueness.


Our children have been exploring names! Everyone has a special name and sometimes if look closely we van identify some letters that we share. Our children have been writing and building their names as part of their morning routine. They sign in every morning as a way of showing they are present. There are important conversations regarding how many letters a name has, who has the same letters, whose name begins like mine? etc. They have been exploring writing and many understand that it entails specific characteristics. We are learning that writing is all around us and we can use it in our play areas too. During block and drama time we have been placing menu orders, naming buildings and cities to mention a few.

Encourage your child to write notes to family members, help make a shopping or a to do list. Writing is meaningful and useful and that is what they are discovering in class.

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Books , Songs and Nursery Rhymes of the week

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Week's fun activities

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Our children had time to engage in different group games that will help foster social skills such as; team work, collaboration, taking turns, and taking on risks. It was a moment to also learn how to follow the instructions for each game and be able to have patience and persistence.
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Friendly Reminders and News

Please remember to reinforce some of our conscious discipline strategies of STAR which entails to stop, take a deep breath and relax. We have been using this in school and discussing how it is ok to be upset or angry. We remind students that we have a strategy that can help us. It is also helpful to label our children's feelings so that they become aware of the names of how they feel.

Reading to our children at least 15 minutes a day will maintain strong bonds with adults and allow them to further develop literacy skills.So please remember not to miss out on this fun activity with your child.

Vocabulary for the week:



















Home work will be coming your way for you to have fun playing with your child. Scroll down to see the September Calendar of homework. We also have fun recipes and reading log.

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