Social Studies

Learn about the colonial America

New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies

Most people that went to the colonies they went around the 1600's. Water was a key transportation because people needed it to ship goods to faraway places. Most of the people were farmers, but after while they got slaves from Africa and made them do all their work for them.

New England Colony

They had a much colder and longer winters. They moved into the north so it was much a colder climate. They had rocky thin soil. So, it was hard to farm the colder climate made it much harder to farm. They got lots of fish and whale because they lived by the coast. The colonist had no freedom of religion. Many people would be fishers, but they needed boats to fish in. Their were many people who collect timber to make the boats.

Middle Colony

The people in the middle colony had it good. They had warm climates. People mostly dug Iron. The people in England needed Iron. The land was very flat by the coast. It was founded by Dutch in the 1620's. The colonist all had freedom of religion. Colonist from New England would go there to worship their beliefs.

Southern Colony

The colony of the south had a extremely warm climate and they soil was very rich and flat. The colonist there planted mostly cash crops, tobacco and rice, after they sent them to England. They Always counted on enslaved Africans to do their work. Carolina was a key trading center. Georgia had a great military and had relationships with the Native Americans.


Their were two other very big and popular colonies. That were some of the first colonies. Jamestown and Puritans. Queen Elizabeth, I was the first person to own a colony. She made people go over there and live. They had to make things there and give them back to England. She made Jamestown happen. Jamestown was very successful until winter. When all there crops failed.


Puritan was in New England and they were the pilgrims that lived there for a long time. The Puritan people went on the Mayflower. It was a long and hard journey. They had something known as the mayflower compact. It was the rules the had to follow on the mayflower. Puritans were very religious people. If you disobeyed religious laws you were forced to leave.