PBEA Newsletter

Fall 2019

PBEA Annual Conference

Thursday, Nov. 21st, 1pm to Friday, Nov. 22nd, 2pm

604 Station Road

Grantville, PA

View the attached Schedule at a Glance to see details regarding sessions for our 2019 Fall Conference

Letter from President-Elect, Dr. Christina Force, Bloomsburg University

Dear PBEA members:

I hope your school year is going well. As the current PBEA President-Elect, I have the responsibility of planning this year’s conference. This year’s theme is “Force of the Future” and I hope this conference provides you with tools that will guide your teaching and students into the future. This year’s conference discusses new strategies and tools such as 3D printing, Cengage’s Mindtap Accounting software, future readiness, IT, sales, accounting, Instagram, Schoology, Entrepreneurship, STEM, Financial Literacy and more. There will be a session on Thursday night with appetizers and drinks compliments of PCIPA. Friday begins with breakfast, workshops and the day concludes with our luncheon and business meeting. We will also be having a teacher tank competition again this year with two divisions…teacher and student teacher. Cengage is the sponsor of this year’s event. In addition, we will be raffling off baskets in support of our annual scholarship. This is a great way to get a start on some holiday shopping.

We have kept the cost of the registration the same for the past few years as we know school district budgets are tight. The PBEA executive board hopes that you find value in this year’s conference. It is always great to see familiar faces that work to shape our students and profession. I hope to see you in November at the Holiday Inn-Grantville.


Christina Force Ed.D.

PBEA President-Elect

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Public Speaking Tips from PBEA President, Tim Dersham, Business Teacher at Greenwood HS

Tips from the President’s classroom! Are you teaching or looking for open source materials for Public Speaking, Speech 101, or a Business Communications course? Or are you looking to enhance a Business Law class, Accounting class, Sports and Marketing, Hospitality Management class?? The following resources are available to you!! Check out the following website www.publicspeakingproject.org

This is a wonderful site that includes wonderful resources and online materials-from the history of publics speaking to the skills needed in today’s workplace, educators and students have access to a wealth of information! In addition, click this link for another great site www.myspeechclass.com These are some sites that could be useful for any business classroom to enhance presentation skills and communication skills!

Personal Finance Tip from Ann Kieser, Business Teacher at Mansfield HS

I number pennies (cut small squares of paper so the penny just fits on it, tape to penny and write number on it), and hide them around my room. Give each student a number and tell them they have to find the corresponding penny. At first they will not help each other, then they start to help. I have them make connections to PF. Wandering aimlessly (would have been easier if they knew where the goal was, or had a map; asking for help; taking advice, etc. ) I then tell them that I just started them on a path to financial freedom with the penny. Some laugh...I then show them the graph of a penny doubled every day, etc. It gets everyone moving and talking. Have extra pennies on hand....sometimes we never find them until the end of the year.

Membership Message- Dr. Jeremy Jeffery, Professor at Bloomsburg University

The membership drive officially commenced in August. Please be sure to join or renew your PBEA membership as soon as possible. There is also a discount available for those who renew for one year and sign up for the upcoming PBEA conference. There are a lot of opportunities to be a part of this exciting organization, and we thank you for your continuing membership.

A Message From Dr. Jeremy Jeffery About Schoology

Many schools are looking for cost-effective ways to deliver educational content via a learning management system (LMS). A growingly popular LMS includes Schoology, which allows teachers to upload and create content, such as lesson materials or even assessments, that students can complete for free. Schoology also allows students to access content 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and teachers can keep track of the progress of students while using Schoology. This session will detail effective ways to use Schoology as a business educator, and the features associated with Schoology that benefit all business teachers and students.

Accounting Tips from Jennifer Kunetz-Drey, Business Teacher at Milton Hershey School

Past PBEA President, Jennifer Drey has created a TPT site with Accounting Demo videos for MindTap- 11edition along with an innovative Accounting Jenga Game.

Click the link to visit her site:


New Exhibit Chair

We would like to thank Kristin Snyder, Southern Tioga High School for her many years of service as our Exhibit Chair. We welcome Dr. Scott Mehall, Professor at Bloomsburg University, who has agreed to serve as our new Exhibit Chair.

VISIT OUR PBEA WEBSITE....www.pbea.info

Go to the website www.pbea.info for info on Available BCIT positions, Education ideas, more info on the conference in November, awards to be presented at the conference, and the Board members that serve you throughout the year.

Check out the Scholarship Award, Educator of the Year, and Business Person of the year on our website www.pbea.info .

Nominations due by October 15.

Anxious to see you all at the conference in Grantville, PA at the Holiday Inn!

From the PBEA Board....let's make this the best conference yet!!

Rachel Brensinger

Region 3 and 4 Director