Library Procedures, Tips and Tools

2018-19 School Year

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

Whether you are a new teacher or have been here for a while, I thought it would be helpful to share some Library procedures. I also wanted all teachers to be aware of resources available to you in the library!

Librarian-Teacher Collaboration

I would love to work with you! Please let me know if I can help or collaborate on a lesson with you. This could include:

  • pulling books or resources for you to use
  • pulling topics and books for your students
  • teaching a lesson in library that reinforces your lessons (citations, research)
  • help with a technology education tool (I can even come to you if I am not teaching!)
  • coming into the library during a different time to use our resources

Library Book Returns

Each morning of your library day, a library rolling cart will be outside your classroom for you to collect students books. Please have a student or two roll the cart to the library before your class begins (if possible). Classes that come first thing in the morning can just bring their cart with them to library class. Students who want to renew their book can keep it with them and bring to library to renew or some classes prefer to have students write a renew me post it on the book and return in the rolling cart as normal. Either method works for me!

Check Outs

Kindergarten - will start with 1 book but will work their way up to 3 by the end of the year

1st and 2nd - start with 2 but will move to 3

3rd and 4th - 5 books

5th - unlimited (within reason)

Students will be unable to check out new books during library if they forget BUT the library will be open each morning from 9:05-9:15 AM. Students are welcome to return books and check out new ones in the morning. Please let me know if you do NOT want your students to do this or if a student is not getting to class on time because of this.

Library Resources Available:

There are many resources available to you and your students on my Destiny Library Homepage. There are links to databases, helpful websites and the Library Catalog is housed here as well. This will allow you and your students to search for books in our library anytime! Please consider bookmarking this link:

Library Databases:

  • Brain Pop / Brain Pop Jr.
  • Culture Grams
  • King County Library System
  • PebbleGo
  • TrueFlix

Please let me know if you have any questions on how to access these resources!

Thanks for reading and feel free to email with any questions!