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ARC Library Media Center


Hours of Operation - 7:00am - 3:15pm (teachers)
7:00am-3:00pm (students)

This newsletter contains information about the operations of the ARC library media center. Read at your leisure and enjoy.

(The ARC Media Center Handbook can be found on the ARC Media Center Webpage.)

Your feedback is always welcome.

Library Operations

The library media center is open from 7:00 - 3:15 each day. Mrs. Harris is the first point of contact when entering the media center. There are many things she can take care of for you.

The following are the procedures for sending students to the LMC:

1. Students must have a pass to come to the media center. Passes must include all students’ names, date, time, and teacher's signature.
2. No more than 5 students should be sent to the media center on a pass.
3. Students enter the media center, give their pass to media staff, and sign in/login at the front desk.
4. Students must bring an assignment (have a reason) with them when coming to the media center.
5. If students cannot follow rules they may be sent back to class or written up depending on the offense.

Library Space and Library Skills

Teachers must sign-up in advance to bring their class to the media center. A sign-up sheet is provided in the media center. Please do not email a request for media staff to sign you up as we may not see your email. Teachers must come with the class and remain with the class.

- You may arrange a media center library skills class for your students by planning with the media specialist.
- Please plan to give two weeks notice for library skills classes.
- A library orientation will be provided to all students beginning at the end of August. A schedule will be provided.


The media specialist, administrators, and teachers are expected to set a good example for the students by strictly adhering to copyright law. The media specialist will act as “copyright advisor” for reproduction and use of copyrighted print, non-print, and electronic information. For specifics refer to the Media Handbook.

Make sure students adhere to laws as well. Here is a helpful video Disney's Copyright Law.


Videotapes/DVDs deemed educational and purchased by the school are to be made a part of the media center collection and may be used at the teacher’s discretion. Teachers should follow a policy of “prudent viewing.”

· An instructional reason for the program should be stated in the lesson plans.

· The program should be scheduled at least one week in advance by filling out the appropriate form.

· There should be a follow-up lesson after the viewing to reinforce the content of the video.

Videos brought from home or by a student must be previewed by at least two members of the Building Media and Technology Committee and approved prior to viewing. At least a two-week period should be allowed for the preview process. Fill out the appropriate form and submit it along with the video.

No RENTED videos.

The Cube

Collaborate, Communicate, Create in the cube. Student space for small group work.


Destiny is ARC's online library catalog. You can search this database to locate materials we have available for check out in the media center. As a teacher you can also see what textbooks your students have checked out to them. To login to see textbook information use your email username as your username and the password is arcteacher. (Note: you cannot see their library check outs.)

Students also have access to see what they have checked out - they can see Library and Textbook check outs. They may see media staff for this information.

Your Check Outs

Teachers of course are expected to check out materials. RCBOE holds teachers accountable for these items. You will receive a list of items checked out to you 2x a year. Anything that can walk is expected to be returned to the media center at the end of the year and/or when you no longer plan to work at ARC.


· Laminating is done on Tuesdays and Fridays by Mrs. Harris our media assistant

· We are unable to laminate large quantities or objects larger than a traditional poster size

· A record of laminating usage is recorded in an effort to keep the supply distributed fairly (you have 15 yds of laminating for the year)

Printing Charges

- Students are charged 10 cents per page for text pages and 25 cents per page for pages with pictures.

- Teachers may print up to 10 pages per day for free. Additional pages cost 10 cents each. This total does not accumulate over the year.

- We do not have a copier i the media center.

- There are 2 scanners available for student/teacher use.

Library Duties

In order to better serve you, I am providing a list our duties. Below is a chart listing who is responsible for our most inquired about duties. Please note Ms. West is now the ONLY media specialist at ARC. Please be patient with requests.

*** Mrs. D. Johnson can answer questions about Infinite Campus.

Big image
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Check Out - Subject to change this year....

1 - Issue textbooks the first week of school.

2. - Bring students to the media center at assigned date/time with their textbook

3. - Bring a copy of your roster for each class (this will allow me to create classes and email a list of your students and the books checked out to them)

1. When a student withdraws they are to turn all textbooks and calculators in to the media center so we can clear their record.

2. If you issue a textbook to a student during the school year, please email the barcode to Mrs. Harris so she can check it out to the student in the system.

3. Teachers assign fines to textbooks. Use the Textbook Prices and Fines.

4. ALL TEACHERS have access to viewing student check outs. You can login to Destiny.

Library Media Staff

Laura D. West
Media Specialist

Julie Harris
Instructional Paraprofessional