October 5, 2015

Future Ready-Ready for Tomorrow

Teaching is about preparing our students to be Future Ready-Ready for Tomorrow. Preparing our students to be Future Ready is not just about using technology. It is also about changing the strategies we used last year, or years ago, and even yesterday because it may not work with the students today. It is about helping our students to grow and we do that through our own reflection and seeking out our own opportunities to improve and grow. I see you everyday make an impact on a child's life and help them be Future Ready-Ready for Tomorrow. Thanks for all that you do.

Enjoy your weekend.

Brick House-Every Student Completes Every Assignment

"Never Leave them Alone is the Remedy." If you are having difficulty contacting a parent, do not hesitate to ask a counselor or administrator to help you.


The next PLC meeting will be held October 8 (Thursday). The topic will be Cornell Notes.

Reading Minutes

Congratulation on encouraging our students to read. The students read 330,001 minutes this past month. Our goal is 2.5 million minutes. Pride teachers, continue to complete the Reading form each Tuesday and send it to the ELAR teachers.

6th 125,432

7th 79,777

8th 124,792

Clarity Survey

Teachers, Counselors and Administrators,

Do not forget to complete the Clarity Survey (link attached) no later than Friday, October 9 by 4:30pm. The students are also taking the student version of this survey in Pride classes. The survey results will help determine the technology learning styles of our students and the technology professional development to provide the teachers. If we have 100% of the survey completed by the above date, jeans can be worn the whole week of October 19th.

Staff Contest-Do you Know that TV Show?

The first staff contest will be held the week of October 5th. Around 7:50am (based on the school phone time) about 5 seconds of a TV theme song will be played. The first caller to EXT 51000 with the correct TV Show from that song will win a gift card. The TV shows may be from the 1960's up to now. Good Luck!

Spotlight Member of the Week: Cindy Duppstadt

From a Staff Member: Cindy goes out of her way to get ice for the entire faculty every morning. It's very nice of you to do this for all of us.

To nominate a staff member for Spotlight Member of the Week email a Cross the Line Form to Marcia Gonzales

Picture and Caption-Week of October 5-Linda Lucio

Submit your picture and caption( 2 to 3 sentences) to Valerie Elias and Kim Cathey no later than Thursday, October 8.

Concession Stand-October 8-Laura DaLuz and Jana Poth

Get cash box and Pizza from Mrs. Elias

School Events

October 5-Bullying Prevention-Wear a Blue shirt (Jeans allowed)

Progress Report Grades due

October 6-Power-Up Shirt Day

October 7

Staff Meeting @ 7:20

October 8

Jaguar Volleyball VS. Kingsborough 8th (H)/7th (A) 5:00PM

October 9

Special Pop Forms Due

October 10

Tiger Football VS. Kingsborough 8th (H)/7th (A) 9:30 AM

On the Horizons

October 12

Student Holiday/Staff Development Day

October 19

Report Card Grades Due

October 21

School Picture Day

October 26-31

Red Ribbon Week