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Adventures and Assessments All Around

Hikes and visits to the pond have been the focus of much our time this week; however, third graders have stayed very busy and focused during Forward testing. We are finished with the assessment and are proud of the hard work they all put forth. First and Second graders will be doing the PALS assessment throughout next week.

The students have journeyed deep into the rain forest in their cultural studies. South America is the focus this month, which sparked the interest of the rain forest in many students. As we continue this we plan to transform our room into a rain forest, stay tuned to pictures!

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Upcoming Events

5/19- Planting Day (Come participate in garden activities @ 1:00)

6/2-Planting Day

6/3- Field Trip Day

6/8- Field Day

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Snack Next Week





Bass Family

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Montessori Material of the Week

Fraction circles have been a popular math work recently. Students are manipulating the fraction pieces and learning how to add, subtract, and find equivalent fractions. There has been much excitement surrounding this topic!