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10th grade Recognition Edition

Recognizing Bronco Excellence in the 10th Grade!

First Semester Honor Roll

Congratulations to these 10th grade students for their academic achievement first semester-

with GPA's of 3.5-3.74, they have made the honor roll!

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Varsity Letters- 10th grade

Congratulations to these outstanding athletes, who have earned their Varsity letter for Winter season sports!

Boys Basketball

Roland Anderson

Jake Andjus

Elijah Grinshpan (Team Manager)

Mohammad Intezar (Team Manager)

Landen Silveira

Girls Basketball

Josie Croy

Avery Martin

Amelia Schrag

Boys Soccer

Alexander Hong

Lucas LeSieur

Adrian Milford

Girls Soccer

Rachel Burkes

Juliannah Colchico Greeley

Julia Ognian

Marina Ognian

Katherine Rogers

Madison Rohrlick

Reagan Thomas


Maxime Anum

Aydin Bagley

Rebecca Fletcher

Owen Hansel

Vincenzo Macaluso

Antonio Pucci

Special Teacher Recognition- 10th Grade

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Special Teacher Recognition - 10th grade

Special Teacher Recognition- 10th Grade

First Semester Academic High Honors

Congratulations to these 10th grade students for their outstanding academic achievement

first semester, making the high honors list with GPA's of 3.75-3.99.

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Special Teacher Recognition - 10th Grade

Principal's List

Congratulations to these 10th grade students for crushing this first semester, with GPA's of 4.0 and above.

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Perseverance Award

This goes to students who have improved their GPA from Spring 2021 to Fall 2021 by .5 or more, whether they are adding AP and Honors courses to their schedule, raising their game, or absolutely crushing it- these students have all seen a big jump, and that only comes with hard work, and yes- perseverance.

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Other Special Recognition from Teachers

These students also received special recognition from their teachers- read on!

Beckett Hayes- Formidable writer!

Mia Montifar- Stellar participation!

Vinnie Macaluso- Has self awareness and worked hard to improve!

Charlotte Jensen- Consistently works hard!

Emma Collier- Works hard and is a positive spirit!

Noni Lee- Positive spirit!

Kristiyana Yordanova- Stellar participation and cares about her work!

Cody Nielson- Consistent participation and hard working!

Sofia Weber- Hard working and positive!

Zayn Abbas- Positive spirit!


More to come!

Keep it up, Class of 2024. You are crushing it!

Northgate awarded US News & World Report Top Ranking- #6!

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