Altered States of Consciousness

Psychoactive Drug Definition

-Drugs capable of influencing perception, mood, cognition, or behavior
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-Drugs that speed up activity in the Central Nervous System
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-Drugs that slow activity in the Central Nervous System
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-Drugs, derived from the opium poppy, that relieve pain and commonly produce euphoria
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Psychedelic Drugs

-Consciousnesses altering drugs that produce hallucinations, change thought processes, or disrupt the normal perception of time and space
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-Increased resistance to a drug's effects accompanying continued use
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-Physical and psychological symptoms that occur when someone addicted to a drug stops taking it
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-Always craving the drug
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-Need of the drug to function
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Three Interesting Facts

1. The risk of taking psychedelic drugs is more psychological than physical

2. Psychedelic drugs are not addicting

3. Opioids were developed to get longer lasting drugs