Kion Bordbar and Lauren Bochniak

About Chickenpox

The virus that causes this is called varicella zoster virus.

Chicken pox can be fatal but it is very rare. Out of about 10,000 hospitalized for the disease in the 1990's only about 125 people died. Since the vaccine has came out the about of deaths from chicken pox have dropped tons.

symtoms: small blisters that forms all of the body, fever, feeling tired, and headaches

how it is spread: airborn and can be given to you from people who have chicken pox or shingles

treatment: a vaccine, that stops symtoms but the virus never completely leaves your body

prevention: stay away from people with chicken pox or shingles and get the vaccine

What is a virus?

Viruses are made of a protein coat, DNA or RNA, and enzymes.

They infect the host cell by inserting their DNA or RNA and using the host cell to reproduce.

Virus cell are much smaller than animal or bacteria sizes! The average virus is about one one-hundreth the size of a bacteria and cannot be seen under a microscope.

A virus is not considered a cell because they do not have a metabolism, cannot reproduce, cannot move, and do not have a repiration.