eWalkThrough Fuel

Volume 4 No. 1

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From the CEO...

Welcome to eWalkThrough Fuel, Volume 4 No. 1, a quarterly communique for the SWPRSC Digital eWalkThrough® System. We are pleased to offer your team support for instructional observation during the 2017-2018 academic year!

The Digital eWalkThrough® System is a research-based model for effective and efficient instructional leadership. If student success is the destination, education is the engine, and eWalkThrough® is the fuel.

Expect the eWalkThrough Fuel quarterly from Dr. Kelly Gillespie, CEO of Southwest Plains Regional Service Center. Our professional learning team is dedicated to the design of innovative solutions that will deliver the results you require for your staff and your students.

How it Works

The Digital eWalkThrough® System is a powerful, user-friendly tool to collect and store observation data. Whether you need evidence for KESA OR a method to monitor progress during implementation of Mercury and Gemini school redesign, the eWalkThrough® can support your efforts.

It's that simple. If you do not currently have a digital observation tool, call us to get the process started. We will assist with the design of your tool & then get it programmed. You'll be set to measure growth and have touch-of-a-button evidence to monitor the ongoing work in your district.

Partnering eWalkThrough® & KESA

The eWalkThrough® supports two primary KESA functions:

  1. In KESA Year 1--eWalkThrough® data serve as evidence for the selected performance level on the 4R Needs Assessment.
  2. In KESA Year Year 2--eWalkThrough® data measure growth toward the two R goals identified in your system.
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Partnering eWalkThrough® and School Redesign

As Mercury, Gemini, or self-directed districts identify redesign moves, pre and post data will guide adjustments and become a powerful indicator of success. Two things need to happen.

  1. Redesign goals should be articulated into step-by-step moves.
  2. Web-based observation will be conducted throughout the system to check on real-time implementation of these steps.

Administrators, teachers, and community stakeholders can review progress each and every day, in each and every classroom.

Why Partner eWalkThrough® with KESA and school Redesign?

When eWalkThrough® look-fors are aligned to the KESA Rs and/or Redesign goals, the data speak for themselves.

  • Districts will have immediate feedback.
  • Solutions can be targeted to support specific and differentiated needs.
  • Efforts can be continuously refined to achieve intended outcomes.

Bottomline, the eWalkThrough® supports a system...

  • to move from assumptions to confidence & clarity;
  • to conduct data-based conversations & self-reflection;
  • to drive ongoing improvement via data-based decisions, and ultimately;
  • to increase student success.

[Note: The eWalkThrough® process is also applicable to support accreditation systems within higher education and to generate the data required by said policies. (policy.hlcommission.org)]

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