Common Wealth Day


This celebration was once called Empire Day. Empire day was formed after Queen Victoria's death, and it was a time to celebrate her birthday. Over time, as Canadians created separate identities from Great Britain, Empire day became less important. Empire day was eventually renamed Commonwealth day due to reflect changes in the relationship between Great Britain and past colonies. It is celebrated on the second Monday in March.

Activities and Traditions

- To celebrate Commonwealth Day, many go on picnics, go to sporting events, set off fireworks, have torchlight parades, and also cannon salutes. Many may also throw parties, and get together with friends and family to celebrate.

- Commonwealth Day is marked by a multi-faith service in West minister Abbey, which is typically attended by Queen Elizabeth ll, as head of the Commonwealth. The Queen gives and address to the Commonwealth broadcast throughout the world.

Festive attire

Canadians do not have certain clothes they wear on this day, but some wear a black, four leafed poppy flower for remembrance on Commonwealth day, as well as some other holiday, and celebrations.

Festive foods

Although there is not any specific foods that go hand in hand with Commonwealth Day, Canada has several famous foods that you may see while celebrating this. One of which is a traditional desert candy, called Nanaimo Bars, that Canada does not share with other countries. Another treat you will see in Canada are their Maple Sundae.