Come Visit Indian Island

It'll take your breath away

What is Indian Island?

Indian Island is a beautiful island located off the coast of Ireland. It has beautiful beaches and has a lot of exotic plants and animals. When you come to the island you will be greeted by the Owens. They are the owners of the island and they will keep you in their large mansion located on the center of the island. Other attractions on the island include the cliff diving, the zoos that have exotic animals, and the sight of the death of 10 people.
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Why should you come to Indian Island.

There are several reasons to come visit Indian Island

  • Its so relaxing it will put you to sleep when you come here
  • It has so many activities to keep you occupied
  • The food is to die for!
  • The weather is amazing
  • People from the past loved their trip so much they were speechless when told how it was

What some people are saying about Indian Island

Justin Bieber

- It is a trip to die for!


- Indian Island is flawless

Taylor Swift

- Its such a lively place

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Quote From The Story

"It really is lovely here. The hills and the red earth and everything is so green and luscious looking"
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