survival guide for amazon jungle

climate geography temperature range

our plane crashed in brasil i had to survive there.The climate was tropical with many plants and animals there is also a lot of life and habbitate. The tempeture is mid which is 60 f-90 f.

4 steps to survive

importaint to use these steps

To survive you need to be prepared cause anything could get you.And use anything you can find cause you will need it espesually weapons is a good thing to build cause a anamal could get you.You must look out and stay away from any thing dangerous cause nobody can help you.The most importaint thing is to eat so you dont starve to death.
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Animals life

The rattle snake is helpful cause you can eat it.Yes its a likely food source.The animal could be harmful cause it could kill you.yes its a dangerous rattle snake because its venomous 1 bite could kill you in 10 min-1 hr.

plants life

The fly trap is helpful because it can eat all the insects like mitoses.No its not edible.If you step on a big one eat could bite you.No its not poisonous but its deadly to insects.