Where Do I Want To Live

Norm Kerman period G

New Hampshire

The temperature in January is about 35˚F and 77˚F in June. The unemployment rate is 5%. The average property value is $207,300. The average income per household is $63,277. The racial makeup in NH is 92.3% white, 2.8% Hispanic, 2.1% Asian, and 0.01% African American. For sports, NH has baseball, basketball, football, hockey, soccer, and skiing. The crime rate is 1.8% in NH. NH has many recreational activities like skiing, bird watching, hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing. NH high schools are ranked 26th in USA based on SAT scores. In NH, there is a property tax and meals tax but there is no income tax. 35% of the People in NH are religious. 24% of these people are Catholic and 2.4% are Presbyterian. Also, 1.6% are Baptist.


Crime is high in cities and medium in less populated areas. There is a property tax in Pennsylvania and the income tax is 3.07%. The schools are very poor in PA. PA is ranked 43rd in the USA for SAT scores. The average temperature in January is 37˚F and 81˚F in June. The unemployment rate in PA is 6.9%. In PA, the recreational activities are hiking, camping, fishing, and cross country skiing. The average property value in PA is $148,00. The average income per household is $52,267. The three main sports in PA is baseball, basketball, and football. The racial makeup in PA is 85% white, 10% African American, and 1.8% Asian. 54% of PA is religious. Of those people, 28% are Catholic, 5% are Methodist, and 4% are Lutheran


The crime rate in Canada is 6%. In Canada, there is an income tax and a services tax which is 5%. The school system is very good. The majority of the people in Canada are Roman Catholic. The average temperature in January is 34˚F and 73˚F in June. The unemployment rate in Canada is 7%. Some recreational activities are camping, boating, climbing, hiking, and snow sports. Some sports that are big in Canada are hockey, curling, and skiing. The racial makeup in Canada is 80% white, 6% Asian, and 4% are African American or Latino.

Final Decision

My first thoughts were to live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but I have decided to stay in NH after doing all of this research. I based my earlier decision to move on pure enjoyment of Pennsylvania without really knowing anything about Philadelphia.