United Community Updates

August 20th

New Staff and Staff Updates

We are excited to announce new staff members to our United crew!

Please Welcome:

Ms. Maddi Anderson, preschool teacher

Mr. Steve Greve, P.E. teacher

Ms. Kacey Reimer, 3rd grade teacher

Mrs. Maggi Butler, 5th grade teacher

We also want to congratulate Mrs. Mackenzie Mautino (Ms. Key), 3rd grade teacher and Mrs. Carly Haberer (Ms. Lindholm), 1st grade teacher, on their married name changes!

Ms. Clark, previously kindergarten, is now our 1st grade teacher and Mr. Nordhus, previously 5th grade, is now our 6th grade teacher!


The United Community School District Food Service Staff is looking forward to serving your children nutritious, great-tasting meals that support their achievements in school while maintaining social distancing.

This year will look a little different in regards to eating in the lunchroom. For the first few months, the students will be picking up their sack lunches and taking them back to their classroom or outside. Also, breakfast and lunch will both be grab and go for the first few months of school.

As a reminder, cold lunches from home need to be brought in disposable containers and bags. If you'd like to keeping certain food cold, ideas could be: use a frozen disposable water bottle, freeze the food if possible and let it thaw by lunchtime, or send food that is safe to eat if it is not refrigerator temperature.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, offer vs serve will not be an option this year. All students will receive a complete meal of everything that is on the menu for that meal that day.

We will be taking every precaution to make sure everything is sanitized and cleaned during all transition and lunch periods. Students will also be sanitizing their hands before and after they eat.

Please contact the school nurse (Lori Good) or head cook (Nikki Larrew) at lgood@united.k12.ia.us or nlarrew@united.k12.ia.us if you have any questions.

Health Office

  • Please send extra clothes to school for your child.
  • Please send an extra mask to school with your child in case a fresh one is needed. Label your child’s masks. Neck gators will not be allowed at school.
  • Please contact the nurse's office if your child needs a mask or if you do not have a mask for your child.
Many Masks

Pick-Up Procedure

Your child's teacher will be reaching out today to inform you of our pick-up procedure and your family pick-up number. Please let the office know if you did not receive this information so that we can be sure to send that to you. Expect your child to give you the physical copy of instructions and your family pick-up number card after the first day of school.

Safety Notes

As much as possible, our teaching staff will be using our beautiful, large, outdoor campus to teach their classes during nice weather. While in the classroom, our teachers will give extra precaution to distancing students and cleaning classroom surfaces. Additionally, the UC school board has approved the purchase of individual student desk shields, and they should arrive by August 31st.