Thomas Jefferson

Its about his achievements and what he did


  1. architect
  2. anthropologist
  3. attorney
  4. farmer
  5. surveyor
  6. mathematician
  7. linguist
  8. sculpter
  9. inventer
  10. writer
  11. musician
  12. politician
  13. president

5 Things he did in his revolution of the government

  1. He believes people was the source of power. He wanted the government to be democratic so people can have equal rights.
  2. He wants everyone to work together.
  3. he also believed that that in state rights and he wanted limit the authority of federal government.
  4. He had cut the federal budget and cut taxes. He wanted to pay off dept., encourage AG, and simply the government.
  5. He did not want to renew the alien and sedition act.

fun fact

His house

This is his house, he even built it!!

By: Taylor, Noah and Xp