Icahn 5 Newsletter

Spring 2017

Principal's Message

Dear Parents/Guardian:

Spring is here! It seems as though it were yesterday that we were welcoming students back to school. Now we are almost at the end of another wonderful school year. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun!!!

Our faculty and students have never been more focused. Each day as I walk into the classrooms, I see a tremendous amount of focus on the faces of our students. All lessons provided to our young future leaders are engaging and exciting. Expectations amongst teachers and administration are set very high and students are reaping the benefits. Students in each classroom understand what he or she needs to do because communication is on-going. Our school community is always characterized by high student engagement, wherein students want to attend school, strive to do their very best, participate actively in the learning process, and are held accountable for their work. Due to these factors and your partnering with us, our school has been one of nineteen schools that were nominated for a National Blue Ribbon by the U.S. Department of Education. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this honor, think of an actor who has been recognized for excellence in his craft and has been nominated for an Academy Award (Oscar). This would not have been possible without your support throughout the six years we have been in existence. Because of this, I want to publicly thank you for believing in Icahn 5’s staff.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as the school year draws near to a close. Because the state exams are over does not mean that the school year is over. Homework still needs to be done daily. Also, we cannot teach students if they are not present, therefore, students need to be in school daily. Lastly, your support is just as important now as it was in the beginning of year. Please keep the lines of communication with your child’s teacher open and on going. Let’s end the school year on a positive note.

As always, thank you for your support. We strive to provide your child with an excellent education.


Lawford Cunningham

Upcoming Events

April 10-18th: Spring recess, return April 19th

May 2-4th: Math NYS Exam

May 10-12th: Camp Herrlich

May 24th-26th: Science Performance Exam Grade 4

May 29- June 2nd: Memorial Break

June 5th: Return from break/Science Written Exam Grade 4

June 6th-16th: Iowa testing begins

June 18th: Fifth progress report sent home

June 26th: No School - Eid Al-Fitr

July 4th: No School

July 14th: Last day of school and final progress reports sent home

From the Staff Developer

Dear Families,

Happy Spring! Can you believe we are already in April? Seems just like yesterday we were welcoming all of your children back from winter break and now we are getting ready to take our Spring Break. Time is definitely passing quickly!

Two weeks ago Icahn 5 had its first ever Testing Pep Rally. Students were welcomed in with applause, cheers and music to get them excited for the upcoming testing. We had a special performance from our very own Icahn 5 cheerleaders, who cheered and stomped for all the students preparing for the exams. Beckham Smith, Mayssah El-Khayari, and Kwaku Arhin, from second grade, astounded all of us with their testing remixes, reminding students of important strategies for the big day. The most memorable part of the event was the performance by our very own Icahn 5 teachers. They put their best acting foot forward to prepare a video, both comical and informative, to inspire and cheer our students on. Everyone in the Icahn 5 community, including students from kindergarten through second, showed their support in our one of a kind "Happy" video, that you can view from our homepage, or by clicking below! The event was both encouraging and inspiring and I thank everyone involved for their help and support. Special gratitude goes out to Mariama Diallo and Essa Njie for hosting the event and being such outstanding students.

Students should continue to push forward as they are preparing for the Math state exam after break. Working diligently on the completion of their vacation packet will ensure that all students are reviewing necessary topics and concepts that will be presented the day of the exam. I am more than confident that all students will do amazing!

I hope everyone finds time over the break to rest and get some well-deserved relaxation. Students, as well as staff, have been working extremely hard and all of their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Happy Spring!

Ms. Masi

Icahn 5 Happy

From the School Counselor

Hello parents and guardians!

Warmer weather has finally greeted us in the form of Spring. With the new season, come new opportunities for our students to excel socio-emotionally and academically with more creative and interesting lessons and learning experiences. In the upcoming months, the upper grades will have an opportunity to participate in Community Service activities benefiting the lower grades.

In March, through the CUNY Explorers program, grades 5-7 were able to visit Bronx Community College, in order to gain a better understanding of the college process and the different options available to them post mandatory education. Many learned that continuing your education past high school is an exciting adventure with many different routes and possibilities in addition to the importance of starting the process in middle school by developing good study habits and using your resources to reach academic excellence..

In the following months, I will expand these educational explorations to include high schools, as 7th grade articulation approaches. I advise parents to sign up for any and all open houses offered by high schools, even one’s not considered to be a fit. Invaluable connections and learning can occur in these open houses. For more information on upcoming open houses, please click here!

The upcoming spring break provides a perfect opportunity for parents to spend much needed quality time with their children, please refer to the link below for free and/or low-cost family friendly activities available throughout the five boroughs:

I would like to advise parents and guardians to monitor their child’s internet/media usage. It is important that not only are we conscious of our children’s safety in physical places, but also in their online life. Our students are now connected more than ever via the Internet. Talk to your child about their internet/social media use. Open a dialogue about what is appropriate and inappropriate to share via FaceBook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Musically etc. Explain to them the benefits and dangers of living a “second” life online. For more information and tips on internet safety, please go to www.nationalcac.org or www.safekids.com.

From Our Faculty


Hello parents and guardians! Spring is finally here and our kindergarteners are working harder than ever! They have learned so much over these past few months and are becoming quite the little scholars!

We learned all about keeping our bodies healthy, how to compose and decompose teen numbers, and we have read so many wonderful fiction and non-fiction stories!

Students have been working very hard on different writing pieces. They have written in a variety of styles including “How-to” essays, friendly letters, and personal narratives. At home, please encourage additional writing practice! By writing about self-selected topics, students’ will build their stamina and enthusiasm for writing.

We have been working on reading with fluency and expression. It is so exciting to see how the children have grown to be great readers! Looking ahead, our kindergarteners are going to begin using important details from the story to make predictions and inferences.

Your children have gained many reading skills and it is important that they practice these skills nightly to ensure their growth as readers. Therefore, it is important to read for 100 Book Challenge, as well as log onto i-Ready as much as possible. ☺

Over the next few months, students will be engaged in exciting science topics. Our kindergarteners will be introduced to the life cycle of a plant, the life cycle of a butterfly, and learn about objects that float and sink. We appreciate all of your support at home and look forward to an exciting next few months!

First Grade

Dear First Grade Parents,

We're proud of how far our first graders have come in 125 days, but there will be no slowing down yet! We are still working diligently to prepare our young scholars for the impending IOWA test. As a result, it is imperative that students continue coming to school on time and completing all homework.

In an effort to save paper students will be using the Your Turn ELA workbook for homework assignments after we return from break until the end of the school year. Please insure they return this book daily as teachers will be looking through it to insure understanding of the materials taught.

We have made an effort to incorporate more technology into the classroom using digital resources like Kahoot and NearPod as tools for review and lessons. Students have now come to look forward to review and we are hoping to see a jump in tests scores as a result.

Our recent trip to the Bronx Zoo was a success! It helped to reinforce what was learned in both science as well as our animal research writing unit. We hope to take more trips to help reinforce what is being taught in class in the near future.

First graders have recently started a new LEAP program where they are focusing on music and dances from around the world. This program will culminate at the end of the year with a performance.

We have a lot of fun things planned for the rest of the school year and look forward to watching your children grow and learn.

Second Grade

Our 2nd graders are in full swing of our 2nd grade curriculum!

They are quickly becoming equipped with the necessary tools that will soon make them 3rd graders! Our main focus in 2nd grade continues to be becoming better listeners, readers, writers, scientist and mathematicians. We will reach these goals by being consistent, vigilant and also stepping outside the box. We aim to make learning enthusiastic and fun. As second grade mathematicians, we will are learning how to collect, record and graph data. We will also be learning how to count money, tell time, and identify the different properties of shapes.

In ELA, we will be changing gears and immersing our students in the text “Charlotte's Web”. Through this text we will apply all of the reading comprehension skills and strategies we have learn this year such as, author’s purpose, point-of-view, theme, sequence, and much more to guide us in our understanding of the complex characters and events within “Charlotte’s Web”. Students will also complete many different activities and projects throughout “Charlotte’s Web” to further their comprehension of the story. Also, please continue to read with your child at home. This will allow students to continue practicing comprehension skills and strategies and to also assist students in reading with expression. We are also becoming great authors by writing in various styles and learning proper grammar and mechanics. We have written an expository text about different animals and we will soon be writing a comparative writing piece and also biographies. As scientists, we are indulging in the water cycle. We will be completing a project on the water cycle that will involve art and our students understanding of the water cycle and how it works.

We have started our dance classes with LeAp artist Ms. Gia. Ms. Gia has been teaching students how to dance to different forms of music such as Jazz, Spanish, and African. Students will be taking everything they have learned from these different forms of music to create a culminating dance piece and song. Our students also have been showing lots of spirit with our various spirit days.

We recently celebrated the 100th day of school where 2nd graders created their own song to show what it feels like to be 100 days smarter!! We anticipate a great rest of the year and look forward to each and every day! Please visit our class webpage, as it will be updated weekly and have valuable resources. Feel free to contact us regarding any comments, questions or concerns via email at ssanchez@ccics.org for Ms. Sanchez 2-202 and cgrayman@ccics.org for Ms. Grayman 2-201.

Third Grade

Greetings from Third Grade!

With the first phase of New York State Tests behind us our third graders are full of pride. They worked hard all year and they did their very best on the English Language Arts portion of the tests. Congratulations to all the hard working 3rd grade scholars – you are pros now!

A Day At the Theater – what a great way to celebrate the end of the ELA Tests! Puremovement was an awesome experience and a great time to get out of the classroom and stretch ourselves a bit. The Queens’ Theater has always been such a special treat for us and the show Puremovement was no exception.

We love to write! Our amazing authors have spent the last few weeks working on Cereal Box Book Reports, and what a job they are doing! Our next writing assignment will be a narrative writing project. Keep an eye out for real life stories with fictional flair!

Novel Study Fun ~ it’s always lots of fun to put all of the skills and strategies we have learned during the year to work on a novel. Students will learn to recognize the importance of their reading skill in books they read for enjoyment! We have 2 great books to explore this spring: The Twits by Roald Dahl and The Cricket In Times Square by George Selden. Expect to hear some great reviews from your child as we dig deep into these amazing novels.

Mathematically speaking ~ fractions, measuring, and word problems, oh my! As we finish up our unit on measuring our young scholars have been amazed to find out how much of each math unit’s concepts rely on one another. To stay strong we mix it up each morning with a different themed problem of the day. Measurement Monday, Times Table Tuesday and the others help us keep our math skills sharp. Look for lots of review work in the next few weeks as we prepare ourselves for the Math Testing the first week of May.

Reminder – homework is assigned every night in 3rd grade. Incomplete and poorly done homework is counted as not done. Homework is a vital component to your child’s success. Please encourage your child to complete all homework assignments on time and with thoughtful effort. Please remember to check your child’s homework each night and initial the homework sheet.

We are here to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the upcoming year, the classroom, or your child in particular. We look forward to an outstanding 2016, partnering with you for your child’s success.

Ms. Migliarini & Ms. Smith

Fourth Grade

As spring arrives our fourth graders are celebrating the end of the ELA exam and working hard to prepare for their math and science exams.

Our fourth grade students truly enjoyed their trip to Medieval Times, which they won through their generous food drive donations. We are looking forward to our big class trip to Camp Herrlich on May 10-12th. At Camp Herrlich, students will engage in science experiments and projects that will deepen their understanding of science concepts taught this year and prepare them for their New York State Science Exam. Over the break, take some time to organize all the supplies needed for this trip. We encourage parents to send allergy medicine with their child, labeled and directed to use as needed, as there are different forms of pollen found upstate that they may not encounter in New York City. Many trips to Camp Herrlich have been dampened by severe allergies.

While on Spring Break fourth graders are encouraged to take time to prepare for the New York State Math Exam, which will take place May 2nd - May 4th, 2017. Please look over your notes and continue to practice multiplication facts, multi-digit addition and subtraction, division and fractions. We have just finished our fraction unit in which students learned how to compare, add, subtract, and multiply mixed numbers and fractions. We will continue our study of angles and geometry after break and then review fourth grade concepts before the exam.

In ELA, we have reviewed several strategies for good readers in preparation of the exam. Students will continue to use these skills as we begin our novel study of Maniac Magee. This book covers topics that provide the opportunity for great discussion within our classroom on race, homelessness, and family. Please continue to have your child read each night for at least 30 minutes and have conversations with them about the books they are reading.

In writing, our classes have just finished creating their poetry anthology in which they experimented with different types of poems revolving around a central theme. They included a variety of poetry elements into their poems to create different effects. Students will work on a science expository text this spring to enhance their understanding of the human body, connecting science and writing.

We continue to appreciate all the academic support you provide our students at home! Your assistance at home is essential to your child’s academic progress. One educational tool that should continue to be used at home is i-Ready. This program provides your child with individualized instruction to meet their specific academic needs.

As always, you can visit our teacher pages on the Icahn website to see updated happenings in our classroom and to check the nightly homework. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Have a wonderful break!

Ms. DeGuisto & Ms. Thoms

mdeguisto@ccics.org jthoms@ccics.org

Fifth Grade

Sunshine, warmer weather, and Spring is here! The Fifth Grade has been working very hard and diligently in all subject areas!

In Language Arts, students have been focused on preparing for the NY State Test. Now that we have completed that, we are eager to begin our novel study. The Outsiders is a book about two rival gangs, Greasers and Socs, whom face continuous conflicts surrounded by connections to the real world. Students will have the opportunity to use the different skills they have learned through Wonders and Test Prep towards our novel study. They will complete various short response questions, writing prompts, as well as activities that follow along with the novel. Our students will be engaged in class discussions and debates and demonstrate their understanding of the novel through various activities. They will have the opportunity to complete a choice project where they choose the activity that best suits their learning to wrap up the novel!

In Math, we continue to prepare for the NY State Test, which will be administered May 2 – 4, 2017. The 5th Grade Curriculum has been taught completely, which gives us the luxury of having the month of April to review and practice for the test! We will be solving problems that have been on the previous three years’ NY State Tests. Students will engage in problem-solving math games and activities, along with working in small teacher-led groups to enhance and review all material taught. It is extremely important to practice basic skills, such as multiplication facts, to strengthen your child’s math performance!

As the warm weather is approaching, it is also imperative that your children arrive to school on time, each and every day. I-ready should continue to be used at home for at least 20 minutes, three times a week. Homework should be done nightly and continue to be signed. Please check the webpage daily for updates and important information pertaining to the class and school. As the end of the year approaches, we need all hands on deck to ensure the students remain focused and successful! Reminder, our trip to Philadelphia is scheduled for Friday, June 16, 2017. We look forward to and are excited for what the rest of the year has in store for 5th Grade!

Mrs. Henninger & Ms. Telesco

Sixth Grade

Spring has sprung and sixth grade is ready to embrace it! We have worked hard all winter and are ready to relax into our poetry unit where we will learn about the different styles of poems as well as modern day lyricism. Students will analyze rhyming styles and lyrics of modern day songs to identify themes and interpret meaning. Our unit will conclude with an “Open Mic” session where students will perform poems or rhymes they have created. We will also be reading the novel, Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, where we will analyze the characters, themes and plot development as a class.

In math our students have been focusing on solving real-world and mathematical problems to find the area of polygons. Students have begun to classify three-dimensional shapes and are developing an understanding of how to find the volume of prisms and pyramids. This month we will also begin to review all topics covered throughout the year in preparation for the math exams in May. Iready and continuous practice of skills at home is crucial during this time as there have been many concepts learned. Please remind your child to put their best foot forward in the execution of the vacation packet in order to truly hone in on the skills that need the most polishing. We are confident that our students will ace the test and look forward to unwinding with several trips and stimulating projects to reward our students for all of their hard work.

Ms. Montesano and Ms. Brancati

Sixth and Seventh Grade Science - Ms. Matthews

The sixth graders have been working hard in understanding the Earth and its parts. Students have created several diagrams to demonstrate what the atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere entail. They were assigned a specific layer of the Earth and they worked together as a group to teach their classmates about that system. Students chose to create slideshow presentations, performed interactive games and activities, and created brochures. At the end of their presentation, they tested their classmates on their knowledge based off their presentation. The students created exit tickets, in which they asked their classmates questions that were addressed in their project. The students and I enjoyed this project and found it beneficial to understand the different systems of the Earth.
They have been talking about pollution and how we can help save our Earth. Students understand what the air consists of and how the quality our air is compromised due to pollution. Living in the Bronx, many students are able to understand that they are surrounded by a lot of different factors that contribute to the air pollution. We will be discussing different ways that we can help save our world.

In the next couple of months, we will begin to learn about plants, animals, and the different systems of the body. We look forward to continue this amazing journey in Science class!

The seventh graders have been working on a lot of different labs and activities this past month. Students made projects to represent the different layers of the Earth. They were very creative in their models and presented them to the class. Some of the models were made out clay, styrofoam, and even cakes!

The 7th graders have learned about the cause and effects of Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Students have watched several horrific videos that represent different areas around the world that have been effected. The students were able to see how earthquakes cause other natural disasters like tsunamis. The students were able to go outside and visually see how geysers react. We were able to mix Pepsi and Mentos and see an eruption similar to a geyser. We had an amazing volcano kit that allowed us to see the effects of volcanic eruptions by using baking soda and vinegar.

The next few units are going to be very exciting as we start learning about the Human body. We plan to take trips to explore these wonderful topics and understand them a little better.

Sixth and Seventh Grade Social Studies - Ms. Stanley

6th Grade:

Spring has finally sprung! I can honestly exclaim: what an adventure it has been so far! Working with the sixth graders has been quite a journey and although it’s been bumpy at times, it has nonetheless been fun. Over the course of the last semester, we have done a plethora of projects which included a “create your own city-state” activity, engaging in a debate about which city-state was superior, and our latest project, where students were able to dedicate an entire slideshow to a Greek Olympian God or Goddess of their choice.

This past semester, the sixth graders and I were also lucky enough to go on a field trip together to the Bronx Community College where the students were lucky enough to tour a campus. Students were elated and invigorated to see the inner workings of a real college campus.

With state testing taking place, I didn’t want to overload the students with even more work, so what’s better than doing some art therapy! The students were able to mold, paint and design their own Ancient Greek amphora as a way of not only learning about the Ancient Greek culture but also having a moment to decompress after long hours of extensive assessments.

We are in the final stretch of the year so please encourage your kids to stay as enthusiastic and eager to learn as they have been thus far. The content will become increasingly difficult and it can be discouraging at times. However you must remind the students of how far they have come and will continue to go with hard work and perseverance. We can do this together!


Greetings, parents and guardians! We have wrapped up another successful semester and are on the horizon of yet another one. This semester was filled with fun, laughter and most importantly, the broadening of our horizons and knowledge.

In class, the seventh graders have gone from learning the horrors and tragedies of World War I to the extravagant and elegant life of the Roaring Twenties. When it came time to learn about the 1920s, students learned through notes, film and group projects the wonders that filled our nation at the time. For Black History Month, students were able to dedicate a project to a prominent figure from the Harlem Renaissance! This project tied in nicely with both where we were in the curriculum and Black History Month. Students were also encouraged to do the same for March, which was women’s History Month.

This past semester, students were also included on a field trip with the 6th graders where they were able to visit Bronx Community College. Students were enthralled and fascinated as they trekked through the snow to make their way around the college campus. Some even felt as though they were students at the college themselves! The students fully enjoyed the trip and are looking forward to the opportunity of attending in the future.

Finally, for the 7th graders who are involved in Mock Trial Team, they have been working hard and long. The students have been meeting with their Mock Trial coaches, Mr. Molina and Mr. Wayne on a weekly basis for an hour. There, they run the facts of the trial, practice proper questioning and answering and work diligently in preparing for the upcoming competition. We have been given the date for our Round 1 competition and it is May 12 so if you would like to attend, please feel free to contact me and I will find out the protocol for parents and guardians being able to attend the event. The students have been working so hard at truly learning and absorbing the material for this competition so please encourage and support them as much as you can!

We are in the final stretch of the year so please encourage your kids to stay as enthusiastic and eager to learn as they have been thus far. The content will become increasingly difficult and it can be discouraging at times. However you must remind the students of how far they have come and will continue to go with hard work and perseverance. We can do this together!

Seventh Grade English Language Arts - Ms. Green

Spring has almost sprung, and there are a lot of new happenings in the seventh grade English classroom! We spent the winter months diligently working, studying, reviewing, and prepping for the New York State English examination. It is with great confidence that I express how prepared your children were for all that the test could deliver their way. In competitive grouping, we spent months practicing test taking strategies from eliminating incorrect answers on the multiple choice to using RATE to explain and support an answer with text evidence and reasoning. Students became very familiar with annotating a text to find the central idea, author’s purpose, word meaning, and so much more.

Although the test and the preparation has come to an end, the strategies will continue to be a vital part of this course. Students will continue to apply their close reading and comprehension strategies to all types of literature that we encounter as we progress through the spring months - the first being the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas compellingly depicts the story of two children, one German and one Jewish, during the Holocaust. We will begin the novel study through the introduction to the events of the Holocaust to gain background context to refer to while reading. Students will learn terms, view videos, dissect old documents, and participate in reflective exercises in order to fully understand the severity and cruelty behind the unspeakable genocide of six million individuals. While reading the novel, students will have endless opportunities for discussion, questioning, and close reading - which relies on the strategies learned during test preparation. Students will also work with groups and independently to produce works such as essays, short responses, and projects that display individual and collaborative responses to literature.

I am very excited about this upcoming unit, and how it will open the students’ eyes to different perspectives of a historical event!

Seventh Grade Math - Ms. Lawson-Reid

Greetings Parents and Guardians,

This past semester was packed with activities as we prepared for the upcoming Math State Examination. Students completed the Expressions and Equations Unit, then dove into the Statistics and Probability units with full force! During these unit, we explored how to use numbers to convey opinions and or make inferences based on data. The students as a result completed a survey for Valentine’s Day, where they asked their peers various statistical questions. They gathered this data and reported it like true journalists! We then explored Probabilities, again using numbers to convey opinions and chances, and thus making predictions. Students culminated this unit by inventing and creating their own carnival-like games. They determined the chance of winning the game and used this information to determine how many prizes to get. They then showcased this to the 5th and 6th grade students. They learned a lot and had fun while doing it! I am very very proud of them!

Now we are on the final stretch, preparing for the State Exams! I cannot believe it is here already! The students will be reviewing the units they did earlier in the year as a refresher, as well as what we have done since November. The next few weeks will really make or break our scholars, however in true Icahn fashion, we will rise to the top!

Math Targeted Assistance - Grades 1-3, Mr. Loughran

Now is the time of the year when we anticipate the hard work of our students coming to fruition. For the first and second grades, the culmination of their effort is the new math skills they will take with them to the next grade. For the third grade, however, they will be taking, for the first time, the New York State Mathematics Test after our return from the Spring Recess. These are exciting times as our scholars prepare to express their mathematical knowledge.

This is also a time of the year when spiraling becomes obvious. In the first grade, Ms. Collazo-Mullins and Ms. Gaston have been leading their pupils through the accumulation of data. This is a chance for our young scholars to gather information. They are learning to keep track of data with tally marks and how to display that data. They are also using that data to compare results and make statements regarding the quantities they have collected. Parents can enhance this learning by discussing the quantities of various elements in the child’s environment. Compare how many books she/he has with that of a friend. Get children into the habit of looking at quantities critically and using that knowledge to make comparisons.

In the second grade, Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Grayman have been working with their students to spiral their awareness of data collection into basic displays of graphing. They have been collecting larger arrays of information than they had in first grade, but now the emphasis encompasses not only attempting accuracy, but in concepts of displaying that information. Before graphing, the second-graders had been learning multiple strategies for calculating addition and subtraction: the Arrow method, Place Value Charts, compensation and number bonds. They have become adept at manipulating values and now they will be applying those skills in taming numbers into organized data for others to absorb. Parents can enlarge their children’s awareness of graphing by pointing out graphs wherever they are seen, advertisements, news and information programs, as well as university course work. Many parents have professions that communicate with graphs and data displays. Show your children what you are up to. Second-graders are also learning to count and use money. The older they get, they more you have in common.

As is usual for this time of the year, there will be much reviewing of previous material in order to prepare for the NY State Mathematics Test. The third grade has also recently put a great amount of cerebral effort into digesting fractions so that they can compare proportional parts. But now, Ms. Migliarini and Ms. Smith are guiding their students through more sophisticated displays of information as they spiral into graphing accumulated data. Students are constructing their own graphs and learning how to use that graphed data to make assertions and statements. In their expression of data into (bar) graphs, they are engaging in more complicated mathematical reflections of the real world. Parents can help children firm up that knowledge by asking them to explain their graphs. Third-graders are also learning everybody’s favorite topic, clock math – an interesting analog skill in this digital age. By expressing what they are doing in math, young scholars not only reaffirm what they have learned, but they strengthen their confidence when they can knowingly refer to a new skill and to intelligently discuss it. Along with all these new skills, Third-graders will be exploring the world of metric measurement. Notice, along with your children, the dual measurements seen on the packages of most comestibles. Maybe with a little help from this generation, we will finally move into the metric age.

Math Targeted Assistance - Grades 4-5, Ms. Corry

Our targeted assistance program is designed to supplement and enrich the classroom curriculum. During our small group meetings, students work on strengthening a variety of strategies to help them understand the math concepts they have been working on since the beginning of the school year.

With May quickly approaching that means so is the NYS Math Exam. As the exam gets closer our 4th and 5th grade students will be working very hard to be proficient in math. In 4th grade we will continue to introduce new topics, and refine the skills they have already accomplished. The 5th graders will continue to review and conquer the skills and strategies that they have acquired since September. By working in our small groups the students will be able to zero in on the important math concepts in an engaging environment so they can rock the math test!

ELA Targeted Assistance - Grades 3-5, Mr. Castaneda

The targeted assistance program for grades 3-5 has seen tremendous growth this academic year. We have been digging deeply into a variety of texts and really using our analytical skills to pick apart the selections we read. Students have been working to find the themes in a story. They have been looking critically at how characters and events, or information is described in a text to determine the author’s point of view. Now that spring has arrived, we will be working with some fun and engaging chapter books selected by the students that will provide the basis for our review of the skills learned throughout the year. We look forward to extending this growth process into the summer!

Social Studies - Grades K-2, Ms. Brown

So far, the students are having a great year in Social Studies! We have been exploring many aspects of our past and present.

In Kindergarten, the students have been learning about influential African American figures and influential women in history for Black History Month & Woman’s History Month. Also, we had explored the continent of Antarctica and its animal inhabitants. Going forward throughout Spring we will continue to explore our American history by learning about American symbols and exploring various continents.

The First graders, have been learning about Ancient Egypt; as well as, about influential African American figures and influential women in history. Going forward the students will explore the Westward Expansion of America and will learn about the history/modern day influences of New York.

As for Second grade, the students learned about Ancient India, early immigration to America, and about important figures in the Civil Rights Movement. We will continue to learn about ancient civilizations around the world including Ancient China and Ancient Greece.

I am very excited to continue the school year and I couldn’t be happier to play a role in educating your children. Over the rest of the year I will continue taking the students around the world to explore history.

Social Studies - Grade 3-5 - Mr. Satalino

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning." - Albert Einstein

3rd Grade:

Hello parents and guardians! So far teaching every student in third grade has been a pleasure and thrill! We have built great and creative projects, written meaningful responses, and came together to learn more about current events and history. My class goal for the Spring and rest of the school year is to continue teaching them the meaning of history- why it is so important even at this early age. In order to understand where we are now, students need to understand where we have been. Through creative projects, illustrations, and group work we will be looking at exploration and the early history of this great nation. I ask all students to remain vigilant, keep the effort up, and continue to display good behavior and meaningful work!

4th Grade:

Greetings parents and guardians! This year has been a great ride, but it is not yet over! Together we learned more about current events and the foundations of civilizations by creating meaningful projects, creative responses, and insightful group work. Throughout the Spring season and the rest of the school year, we will develop the skills students have been taught so far as we continue to dig deeper into America’s and the world’s past. Students will continue to work together to analyze important people and events of all backgrounds as we learn about the Renaissance, Exploration, and early American history. The goal is to develop what they already know and make the students better at researching and creating assignments. I ask all students to remain vigilant, keep the effort up, and continue to display good behavior and meaningful work!

5th Grade:

Salutations parents and guardians! So far 5th grade has been a great ride together! We tackled important issues that still impact our lives today, we discussed current events, and we dug deeper into historical people and experiences. A major theme this year has been bias and perspective, so my goal for the Spring and rest of the school year is to continue to develop their understanding of diverse backgrounds, different points of view, and bias within history and our daily lives. We will look deeper into colonial America and slavery, and work to gain a better understanding of the world we live in today. I ask all students to remain vigilant, keep the effort up, and continue to display good behavior and meaningful work!

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