Woodside Elementary

Weekly Newsletter - June 20, 2022

Looking Ahead

June 21st - June 24th - Spirit Week

June 23rd & June 24th - 2 Hour Early Dismissal

June 23rd - 5th Grade Promotion at 9:00 am

June 24th - Last Day for Students


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Anne Arundel County Public Schools is implementing a mandatory bus registration process for the upcoming school year. Beginning on May 4, families whose students are eligible for bus transportation, based on the student’s primary address, will receive an encrypted email from AACPS containing a secure link to the bus registration form for each student who is eligible for bus transportation. Please click on the link in the message and fill this form out as soon as possible, regardless of whether your student needs transportation or not. Families will receive a separate form for each child. Forms are student-specific and cannot be forwarded to others. Students whose families do not complete registration forms will not be eligible to ride a school bus for the entire 2022-23 school year even if they reside in the transportation zone. Please note that prekindergarten and kindergarten students, students who have IEPs that contain transportation accommodations, and students designated as homeless will automatically receive transportation. Students who take shuttles from their schools or homes directly to the Centers of Applied Technology do not need to complete a form for this purpose, but must complete the bus registration form for transportation to the home school. If you do not have email access or need other assistance in this process, please contact the school.


Escuelas Públicas del Condado de Anne Arundel está implementando un proceso de registro de autobús obligatorio para el próximo año escolar. A partir del 4 de mayo, las familias cuyos estudiantes son elegibles para el transporte en autobús, según la dirección principal del estudiante, recibirán un correo electrónico encriptado de AACPS que contiene un enlace seguro al formulario de registro del autobús para cada estudiante elegible para el transporte en autobús. Haga clic en el enlace del mensaje y complete este formulario lo antes posible, independientemente de que su estudiante necesite transporte o no. Los formularios son específicos del estudiante y no se pueden reenviar a otros. Los estudiantes cuyas familias no completen los formularios de inscripción no serán elegibles para viajar en un autobús escolar durante todo el año escolar 2022-23, incluso si residen en la zona de transporte. Tenga en cuenta que los estudiantes de prekínder y kínder, los estudiantes que tienen un IEP que contiene adaptaciones de transporte y los estudiantes designados como personas sin hogar recibirán transporte automáticamente. Los estudiantes que toman transporte desde sus escuelas u hogares directamente a los Centros de Tecnología Aplicada no necesitan completar un formulario para este propósito, pero sí deben completar el formulario de registro de autobús para el transporte a la escuela de origen. Si no tiene acceso al correo electrónico o necesita otra ayuda en este proceso, comuníquese con la escuela.

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Student Absence Notes

Parents and Guardians, please fill out the form below for each day your student was absent. Absences shall be treated as unlawful until the attendance office receives a written or electronic note justifying the absence. Additional documentation is not required unless requested by the school. If you student has missed five or more consecutive dates, a doctor's note will be required. Please allow 24-48 hours processing time.

Please enter a valid email address that is currently on file with the school for your student. If you have any questions please call Dawn Norfolk at 410-582-4100.

Padres y Tutores, por favor llene el siguiente formulario por cada día que su estudiante esté ausente. Las ausencias se considerarán ilegales hasta que la oficina de asistencia reciba una nota escrita o electrónica que justifique la ausencia. No se requiere documentación adicional a menos que la escuela lo solicite. Si su estudiante ha perdido cinco o más días consecutivamente, se requerirá una nota del médico. Por favor, espere 24-48 horas de tiempo de procesamiento de esta forma.
Ingrese su correo electrónico válido que esté actualmente registrado en la escuela de su estudiante.Si tiene alguna pregunta, llame a Dawn Norfolk al 410-582-4100.

Title I Newsletter

Please click on the below link for the parent/family newsletter from the County Title I Office.

Title I School

Dear Parents:

Title I is a federally funded grant program designed to support children in academic achievement. Its purpose is to ensure that ALL children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain high-quality education and reach at least proficiency on the State's academic achievement standards and assessments. Funds are used to support additional academic services, materials, personnel, professional development and parent & family engagement opportunities.

Schools are selected based on the percent of students who qualify for free meals. This data is used for many grants to distribute funds. Schools are ranked according to this percentage.

Title I offers many benefits to students in our school. These benefits include: parent & family engagement workshops, staff development. supplemental materials of instruction, extended learning programs, and additional teachers and staff. Parents are given opportunities during the school year to articulate their needs and assist in how the budget is spent.

You may request information regarding professional qualifications of your child's teacher and of paraprofessionals who provide instructional services to your children at any time.

We are very fortunate to have Title I funds which are used to help accelerate the learning of the students at Woodside Elementary School.


Kristie L. Battista


AACPS Resources

General COVID-19 Information – Important information about COVID-19.

Parent Portal – This is an excellent resource for parents as it has information about your student’s grades, attendance and more.