The princess of peace

By: Monica Garde


We all know about the Disney version of of Pocahontas. But do you know about the amazing things she actually did? Pocahontas actually married John Rolfe. A very important man. Pocahontas created peace between the Jamestown colonist and the Powhatan Indians. Pocahontas rescued John Smith. She did not marry him!! These are just some cool things about Pocahontas. Read on do learn more!

Pocahonta's Marriage with John Rolfe

What John Rolfe who is he? Well John Rolfe is the manwho married Pocahontas. Read on to know about how the marriage was a success and not at the same time. John Rolfe was in love with Pocahontas but her feelings were unknown about the marriage. Their marriage was not a success because it did not win the English captives back but it did create the an amount of peace between the colonist and the Indians. Well instead this marriage created the Pocahontas peace. Their marriage was a big part of how some of the colonies created peace with Indians.

Pocahontas Makes Peace

This is how the peace that happened between the Powhatan Indians and the Jamestown colonists was created. Well there was a time called ''The Starving time.'' The colonists took food and supplies from the Indians. This caused the Indians to attack. The attack lasted several years. Finally, in 1614, the Powhatans had to accepted peace with the English. When she married John Rolfe the peace was officially created. That is a lot of cool information about peace with the colonists and the indians.

Pocahontas Saving John Smith

These are some amazing things about how Pocahontas SAVED John Smith. One night Pocahontas heard her father say he was going to attack the the English colonists at night. She ran throw the woods and warned them. She grabbed John Smith by his head and she said "If you should kill him him you must kill me." John Smith said, "Pocahontas had been the instrument to preserve the colony from death, famine, and utter confusion. Now that you have read this research this. It will be exiting to learn more. So go now and and look it to this more.


Now you know about all the stuff about Pocahontas in this report.So the man who married Pocahontas was John Rolfe and the marriage created peace. Now you know that there was peace between the Powhatan Indians and the colonists of Jamestown. You know now that Pocahontas did not marry John Smith but indeed saved him. Now that is what you now know about Pocahontas.