Death of coral reefs

By: Sarah Burris

2 Main Issues About The Death Of Coral Reefs.

1. Coral mining, Pollution, over fishing, blast fishing, and mining and digging of canals causes death of coral reefs.

2. The list of factors is long, including the oceans rule of carbon dioxide sink, atmospheric changes, ultra violet light, ocean acidification, viruses, dust and storms.

Negative effects on it.

1. Coral reefs provide a good breeding area, and a hiding place for innumerable marine life including fish and hence helps in the conversation of marine life.

2. It also helps in sea erosion.

Affected areas.

Australia's great barrier reef (The worlds largest coral reef). The coral reef has survived eight reef bleaching events since 1979

Affected animals?

Fish are the main animal that is affected by the death of coral reefs, because they are able to fit into small areas to protect themselves from predators.

The affected wild life.

The animals that are affected as well as fish are, Jellyfish, sea anemones and Cnidarian. because they are able to hide from the different predators in the ocean.

Does it affect league city?

It does not affect league city. but overall it could affect the people who live around the coast because coral reefs filter the water and in the places that are being affected a lot of things could be in the water that shouldn't be in it.

are people affected?

Not necessarily. It depends on the type of under water study you are involved in, if you are doing things that involve coral reefs than you could be affected.

What causes this to happen?

-destructive fishing methods, such as dynamite blasting and poisons

-earthquakes,wave action

-unplanned tourism-including inadequate wasted water treatment, unregulated construction, collection of corals and ornamental reef species, spear fishing, etc


People can stop doing harmful ways of fishing because a lot of things get affected by them. Not to put unsafe things into water that could not only kill corals but other wild life as well.
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