by Diego A Jimenez

What are Volcanoes?

Volcanoes are a mountain made by lava that is coming from the center of the earth. Volcanoes can show up on the surface of the earth or at the bottom of sea. There are volcanoes which are active or alive and others there are inactive or dormant. There are three types of volcanoes.

Different types of Volcanoes

· Composite volcano: this kind of volcano with steep sides made of layers of lava and ash is the tallest of other types. This volcano can have explosive and periodic activity.

· Cinder cone volcano: This volcano is smaller in height and size than the composite volcano and the eruptions are also smaller too. They can merge in a short period of months or years. This mini-volcano is usually found on the flanks of larger, mountain-sized volcano peaks.

· Shield volcano: This volcano is the tallest of all. This volcano can spare to 50 kilometers. The tallest volcano in the world is a shield volcano and its name is Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Mauna Kea originates at the bottom of the sea and continues going up over 19,700 feet over the sea surface.

Volcanoes are cool like fire works in the 4th of July!!!!

Facts: People who studies volcanoes are called VULCANOLOGISTS!!!!