Twilight by: Stephenie Meyer

by: Anjolee Bruno


this book is about a young girl named Bella in high school that moves from Arizona living with her mom. to a little town name forks with her dad as her mom travels. she has to start at a new school and everything. she finds her self noticing a certain group of people the Collins. she senses they are different but little does she know how different this family really is from all the others. they are a family of a long line of vampires. she ends up falling in love with Eward they go on amazing adventures to keep her and the family out of harms way.

what happens to Bella as she falls in love with a very dangerous so people say person and deals with there very outcase family? you will have to read twilight to find out.

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Bella~ one of the main characters in this book. falls in love with Edward Collins the vampire. Just moved to Forks from Arizona.

Eward~ a vampire that goes to the same school Bella goes to now. falls in love with Bella but, tries to keep her safe as best as he can.

Jacob~ a warewolf of the town of Forks. has a rivalry with vampires. was Bella's best friend growing up there.


they all are in an area of a small town of Folks in Oregon. its in modern day time where this takes place. very rainy in this area very green also very different from Bella's home in Arizona.


what is the main conflict of this book?

the main conflict of this book is the love between Bella and Edward. they are two very different people from two different worlds.

how come Jacob and Edward don"t get along?

they don't get along because the warewolfes fought the vampires many years ago for the land they are on and the warewolfes won and now the vampires are invading the land again. also the warewolfes think the vampires are dangerous and out to get them.