Peter Benenson

Ayden S

Early Life

Peter Benenson is the son of Flora Soloman. Benenson was born on July 31st 1921.He was tutored by poet W.H. Auden and educated at Eton,his father got in an accident in 1923 at christmas,then later died in 1925.
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Reasons For Being An Activist

In 1927 the situation for Jews in Nazi Germany deteriorates, Benenson looks for ways to help. Benenson was later protecting woman,and prisoner rights because he didn't want prisoners to suffer in prison.To protect prisoners rights he made a group called Amnesty International.
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Important Events

In 1946 Amnesty wins prestigious awards including the U.N. Human Rights prize.In 1985 amnesty got 3,433 groups in 50 countries and over 500,000 members.May 28th is Amnesty's anniversery.


In his 30s he got a celiac disease and moved to italy to recooperate.When critisised in 1996 Benenson resigns.
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In 1964 he became president of his group Amnesty International,In 1969 amnesty realeased 2000 of the 4000 prisoners.In1977 amnesty gets a Nobel prize.In 2001 Benenson recives The mirrors pride of britain Lifetime Acheivment award.Today Amnesty became worlds largest human rights organisation with 1.8 Million members in 150 countries and dealt with 47000 prisoner cases.
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