Peacham Upper Elementary Happenings

Writing/Social Studies Grades 3-6

End of first trimester

As we come to the close of the first trimester we have found our routines and the tools that work for us. I encourage you to work with your child to practice their skills using the prompts provided and the tools online. We subscribe to both IXL and Moby Max for literacy and math skills as well as utilize Google Classroom to organize their assignments. All of these and more can be found by visiting the Student Resources link on our homepage. Contact me for more information.

What is and what will be

On Tuesday, November 24, the 3/4 will be hosting a Colonial Banquet as part of our history lessons. If you would like to contribute please email me. We are looking for volunteers to make an apple tansey or donate some items such as apple cider and unsweetened pineapple juice to make our wassail!

GeoBee Practice we were unable to begin this week but keep doing those daily quizzes to practice. We will be going strong next week!

Homework and Help

This week the only homework for grades 3-6 is to think of the oldest person they have met in person and record their name, date of birth and an event that occurred that year in history. We will be using this information for an upcoming project. There is no spelling or current events due this week.

There are also many unfinished writing assignments on Google Classroom your child should continue to work on. We have been putting emphasis on structure and process in our writing. See if your young writer is creating a great hook to grab the reader's attention and a conclusion that wraps it all up - then revise, revise, revise!

If you need help using Google Classroom with your student watch this short tutorial below. Contact me for issues with usernames or passwords.

Student View in Google Classroom - video 4