!!Poems Through Out The Way!!

By: Vanessa Maya-Alcala

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Exaggeration poem

I was so hungry I could eat a horse

I coundn't resiste

I felt my body eating my body parts inside

I yelled for my parents

We went on a road trip of 500 hours

I couldn't survive without eating something

I was about to eat my brothers

My parents stoped me

So I tried to eat them to

I just wanted all the food in the world

I didn't care about the tastes

I was really hungry I could eat a horse


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Acrostic Poem

A- apples are awesome

P-Perfect things to eat
P-Popping sounds you make

L-Lots of people eat them

E-Eating healthy is good

S-Small and big sizes to


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Makes me think Of

Chocolate makes me think of hot chocolate

Hot chocolate makes me think of Winter

Winter makes me think of snow

Snow makes me think of blankets

Blankets makes me think of being warm

Being warm makes me think of eating candy

Eating candy makes me think of Chocolate


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Color poem

Aqua green is the color of water in oceans

Aqua green is a bright color

Aqua green smells like cupcakes coming out of the oven

Aqua green tastes like minty gum I buy

Aqua green sounds like birds at a tropical Islands

Aqua green look like the water in the beach

Aqua green fellls like I am in a different world

Aqua green makes me happy and laugh

Aqua green is the color of my friends shoes


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Personifacation poem

I am ice

Falling from the sky

Dancing and excited to get to the ground

I can come with snow

I fall when its winter

Can make stuff freeze and make it dangerous on the road

I am Ice


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Limerick Poem

There was a girl named Lilly

She had a brother named Willy

They fought day and night

They stranded there in sight

Hearing your mom saying"your grounded"


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Ode Poem

Hands, Oh hands how I love you

You help me carry stuff

Hands, oh hands you help me grab a spoon or a fork to eat

You help me help others

I can hug people with you my hands

I can do my homework with you

You me typing to finish stuff

Now you know how much I love you


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