Benozzo Gozzoli

By: Grace Rooney

Biography of Benozzo Gozzoli

Benozzo Gozzoli was born in 1420 in Florence, Italy. He spent his life traveling throughout Italy exploring and working on magnifiecent art. He traveled to many places in Italy, including, Tuscany, Umbria, Rome, Orvieto, Lazio, San Gimignano, and Pistoia. Although Gozzoli was moving around a lot, he spent most of his time in Florence, Italy. During his travels he apprenticed with the most prominent artists at the time. He was trained and taught by these artists. His lifestyle consisted of traveling and working very hard on enchanting paintings. Gozzoli was not a very graceful or beautiful man. Although he might not have been the most graceful, he was very hard working. Gozzoli was an amazing artist. He created many painting in his life. His paintings include, Saint Jerome, Agony in the Garden, and Journey of the Magi. Benozzo's patrons were the rich families of the time. Anyone who Benozzo was creating art for, were his patrons. Also, the leaders of the time period put lots of money toward art.

Gozzoli's Work

The name of the painting to the left is Journey of the Magi. This amazing piece of art was created in 1459. The Journey of the Magi is an amazing wall painting. It was painted on the walls of a private family chapel, Palazzo Medici, in Florence, Italy. The use of vibrant colors and views of everyday Tuscan life really makes this piece significant. I find this piece so interesting because of how the upper class people are higher up on horses backs, while the lower class are below them walking. This really goes to show how the upper class had so much more control over the lower class. Humanism is the most closely linked "ism" to this piece. The chaotic streets really show the reality of what the Renaissance Era was like. Also, the tightly packed group of people shows the unification. The relationships between the upper class and lower class are clearly shown by the space between them and the expression of disappointment on their faces.

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