4th Grade News 12/8/14

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

Upcoming Events:

* 12/11/14- Stagecoach Family Night and 3rd Grade Music Program. A flyer went home Friday with details.

*12/11/14- PTO will begin selling items for students to purchase for Christmas. There will be more information coming soon with items for sale and prices.

*12/12/14-Class Auction- Don't forget to bring your stickers!

*12/18 and 12/19-Early 2:00 dismissals

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-We had a great week of studying division in math last week. We are learning several different ways to solve division problems and using the standard algorithm. We also learned a new fluency game that is a lot of fun. It's called "24 Game" where the answer is always 24. The goal of the game is to use the 4 operations and all 4 numbers given to come up with at least one equation that equals 24.

On Tuesday, we will another set of visitors coming to watch my homeroom in Number Talk, our focus lesson, and math rotations. I can't wait for these students to show their division strategies and how they can solve complex problems. I know they will do an amazing job!

We will be doing Number Talk on Monday and Tuesday of this week. We will work on multiplication fluency Wednesday through Friday. We have had 18 students, so far, who have passed their final accuracy check. We will spend some time in class practicing. Please make sure your child is studying at home if they haven't passed yet. Our next accuracy check will be on Wednesday and another one on Friday. Weekly Math Fact Fluency Logs are due this Wednesday. Students are to spend 10 minutes per night studying ALL facts. On the math log, students will log the time practiced, the activity they did, and get a parent signature. There is a total of 50 minutes required.

Social Studies-We have completed reading, discussing, and taking notes on each of the 5 historical documents. On Friday, we completed our timeline and picked our presentation groups. This week, students will use Chrome books to create a group Google presentation. They will be required to do some more research on their document for their presentation. We are ready for an exciting week of learning!

Reading, Writing and Word Study

Word Study: All groups are studying homophones this week. Students have words written in their agendas, and they have written definitions (or drawn a picture) on each word in their baggies. Everyone will test on Friday. They will need to know the correct usage to know when to use each word!

Reading: We will finish The Best Christmas Pageant Ever this week. We will continue with our chapter summaries and characterization lists. We will also be making a story map once we finish the book to chart the main fiction elements. Students will be writing a final summary of the book on Friday using the details they've recorded throughout the book.

There is NO fluency homework coming home for this week! Instead we will be working on fluency in class using Christmas carols and silly Christmas songs.

Writing: We will be sharing our presentations in class this week. We will also begin holiday themed writings--"If I lived in a snow globe" and "Santa's new suit" this week. Students will have the option to bring their Santa home to decorate--however, they can complete the project at school!

I'm still in need of some stick on bows if anyone has extras!