The Shower Company's latest design!


New and improved shower stall!

We are now bringing you the best shower stall there could possibly be!

With THE STALL 500's high-tech features you wont even have to move an inch! The shower head can be adjusted with the press of a button! Yes, the new STALL comes with a remote control to meet your needs.

But wait, there's more: the remote controlled shower head comes with an additional feature to make your showers even more satisfying...COLOURS. Whether it be blue, green or red, with another press of a button you can make your water colourful!

Come visit us yourself!

As well as online orders, we would be more than happy to help you pick out your dream shower stall face to face.


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Model of THE STALL 500 ©

(shower head adjusted to model's height: 5'6")

Shower head colour mode on blue

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