AVID Elementary News

December 2015

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  • Happy Holidays
  • AE Activity Idea
Creating a safe and positive learning environment is important for student success in the AVID Elementary classroom. Allowing students the opportunity to collaborate creates a climate for open communication, creativity, trust and appreciating individual differences. This activity works great in the beginning of the year as a team building activity and it can also be applied to any content or curriculum area.

Materials: paper, writing utensils

Audience: students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members

Variations: ice breaker for staff meetings, parent workshops, and community events


• On a piece of paper, participants will write 3 positive statements about the topic or prompt.

• When finished, participants ball it up into a mini “snowball”.

• On the facilitator’s cue, participants throw the snowballs up in the air and back and forth.

• When the facilitator gives the signal, throwing stops and participants pick up a snowball.

• Groups of pre-determined numbers are formed (2-6)

• Participants share out the three positive statements written on the snowball.

• Facilitator brings everyone back together and asks for a few volunteers to share out a memorable positive statement shared from a snowball.

• Facilitator debriefs the activity and makes connections to the classroom and content areas (writing, vocabulary building and articulation, oral presentation skills, individual reflection).