Vote For Thomas Jefferson

Honest Man for the Common Man

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•Thomas Jefferson always has the interest of the common people in mind the farmers, for example. As a man who comes from the lower class lifestyle, he understands the plight the farmers and the common people with less money to spend and will he can to help those people who truly need it.

•Thomas Jefferson also wishes to help the French through their revolution, he believes it is only fair we help them overthrow those who they believe they are not treating them right, just as they helped us overthrow the tyrant, king of England.

Jefferson will not stand for the rich belittling the poor and giving them more privilege just because of their wealth.

•Jefferson will not do anything that is unconstitutional, he will maintain the rights bestowed upon when we began this country.

•Jefferson believes that the farmers of this country are some of the most wise people because of the success of farming as well as the skill and patience it takes to grow food from small seedlings into prosperous things that nourish us as well as this country.

•Jefferson was once a laywer so he knows the rights of the people.


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