Head Chef

by: Ila Ali

What a head chef is...

A head chef is the head of cooking at a certain location or locations. A head chef is also the best cook there, that's why they were chosen to be the head chef. The head chef is like the principal at a school except they are in the kitchen.

Job Outlook

Employment of chefs and head cooks is projected to grow 5 percent from 2012 to 2022, slower than the average for all occupations.

Responsibilities of being a head chef:

Some responsibilities are ensuring that high class culinary dishes are served on schedule and to see that any problems that arise in the kitchen are solved. The head chef is also responsible for approving and inspecting all prepared food items that leave their kitchen. The head chef needs to order supplies and reporting to the head of the establishment what went wrong or right that day or week.


National Average: $44,780

Texas national average: $40,440

2 Best Colleges For The Career Of Head Chef

1. International Culinary Center

Cost per year: $48,640

2. Institute of Culinary Education

Cost per year: There is not just one tuition because you can specialize in different things and there are different timings and dates. The one I will specialize in is culinary arts and the classes are for the whole year, on Tuesday's, on evenings and the tuition is $35,840.

First Related Career: Baker


To meet the day’s production goals for baked good depending on what you specialize in for example some bakers need to prepare bread to cook or they need to set up ingredients for a cookie or something like that.

Salary Range:


Second Related Career: Food Service Managers


Managing several employees or departments of employees.

Salary Range:


Third Related Career: Cooks in Restaurants


Maintaining the cleanliness of the kitchen and keeping organized and the most important part is the cooking part.

Salary Range: