Angelina Jolie


Angelina’s parents were both actors, which helped her to become an actress. She began acting in her teen years. Many people describe her as helpful to the world, beautiful, caring, and loving. She is caring inside and out. She is compassionate. She shows it by adopting many kids from different countries and raising them. Also, Angelina is a humanist. She learned how to be responsible, and uplifting, and strong. She takes care of all her kids, which makes her responsible. She uplift people by being a strong women and showing people how to be their own person. By being responsible and strong and uplifting she shows her fans how to live their lives to the fullest, and what life is all about. I am responsible, and strong. When I have kids and grow and mature I will need to be responsible in the real world. Strong I believe was the most important trait to my leader because when she is strong no one can stop her from her goal. I want to grow up and be someone people look up to. No not at all, because you know they already have them, so they don’t always have to show it. Responsibility, Courage, Loyalty, and Honesty.