Electromagnetic Induction


Electromagnetism used today: Wind Turbine

The generator inside a wind turbine uses the properties of electromagnetic induction to conduct electrical voltage which is a difference in electrical charge. Voltage is electrical pressure that is the force that moves electricity or electrical current through the generator. Generating voltage inside the generator generates current. The simple generator contains magnets and a conductor. The conductor is just a coiled wire that is Inside the generator, the shaft attaches the assembly of permanent magnets that cover the coil of wire. In electromagnetic induction a conductor surrounded by magnets while one of the parts is rotating to the other part, it creates voltage in the conductor. The rotor rotates the shaft, the shaft rotates the magnets generating voltage in the coiled wire. The voltage created drives electrical current out through power lines for usage.

Wind Turbines are a renewable resource that helps produce an efficient energy source by wind. We find this helpful because connected to a power grid it can produce a power source for all the things that require electricity.

Electromagnetism used today: Radio

In radios there is a coil of wire that is a transmitter and a second coil that is the conducting object, these two soils are magnetically coupled to each other and acts as a receiver. The use of a radio frequencies in the magnetic field transfer energy by electromagnetic induction in the near field of the radio. Radios are useful today because they provide us with a way to communicate. Through frequencies we can listen to news or listen to music.

Electromagnetism used today: Computer

Electromagnetic induction happens when a circuit that has an alternating current flowing through it generates a current in another circuit by being placed close to it. The alternating current is the electricity that flows through power lines, it is not a direct current. The laptops electromagnetic induction is crated by placing a conductor in the magnetic field covering the first current that generates the second current. Computers are extremely useful now because we can use them for a variety of resources. We can search for information, type papers, listen to music, and document images within one single device. It can control other devices and can be taken anywhere.

it has truly revolutionized technology.

Electromagnetism used today: Electric Tooth brush

Electromagnetic induction occurs within a current flow when a circuit generates current within another circuit just by replacing it.

Electric toothbrushes use inductive charge. This contact less charge allows the brush and charger's coiled wires to be charged when placed in range. The powered coil from the stand transfers power by induction to the battery, giving you a charged toothbrush.

This toothbrush helps us clean our teeth better by vibrating. This charged toothbrush helps the speed and efficiency at which we brush our teeth.

Electromagnetism used today: Oven

Electromagnetic Induction occurs in an oven by switching the electric current flow within the coil. This flow produces a magnetic field, which then creates a current within the container. This low voltage current in the metal container uses resistive heating and cooks the food. Ovens are extremly helpful today because it provides us with a quicker and easier way to cook food. By using induction we can have an electric transfer of heat witch then cooks the food.

Electromagnetism used today: Washing Machine

Induction motors contain a magnetic core that is made up of coils and a stator. This core contains motors that possess a rotating structure. This structure is called a rotor. Protected by a steal covering, the rotor is composed of steal with copper and aluminum bars within it. When you turn on the motor, one of the coils is active and attracts a magnetic attached to the rotor. The magnet turns until it reaches the coil and turns off the first electromagnetic and turns on another. The magnet will keep turning because it will be attracted to the next magnet. It will keep spinning because as different coils turn on and off it will be attracted to different magnets. We use washing machines because they are a faster method to clean clothes. By using magnets and coils we can have a faster wash time and get clean clothes in a more efficient manner.