AUMP1415 Mac.gazine #1 Ed.

July 2014


HEY AIESEC~ How is your semester break? Hope that you all are doing perfectly fine~ Presenting to you is the first ever Mac.gazine from LC UMP. I believed that most of you all have seen lots of photos shared throughout the previous month. Ever curious what actually happened? Worry not, check this out to find out yourself~


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National Convention (NATCON 2014)

NATCON 2014 was held at University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) from 2nd to 7th July. If you haven't know, NATCON is an annual conference hosted by AIESEC Malaysia (AM), it brings together the leader from 13 Local Committees and Specialized Units. It serves as a platform to set the direction and strategies for AM in the coming term. Thus, it has always been known due to its importance for AM to set our path together as an entity before embarking on leadership journey.

As for the first day of NatCon, Durex was here to give insights on sex education as well as efforts in assisting AM for the Choose2Protect campaign. Member Committee (MC) 14/15 has officially take over the office after the previous team stepped down during the AGM itself and we had AIESEC Malaysia Award Night (AMAN) to recognize and reward the efforts of each contributing LCs.

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Day two showcased the MC’s direction for the new term. For the new term, we ought to achieve our BHAGs which is generating 1500 exchanges by 2015, 3000 exchanges by 2016 and 6000 exchanges by 2017. This is to leave a 2017 legacy behind so that AM would grow like never before. Besides, national strategies and focused programmed is outlined so all the 13 LCs would able to work hand in hand to achieve our BHAGs. For the new term, MCs will be more focused on oGCDP and iGIP; the national strategies would be talent capacity, process optimization and customer centric.

Day three would be aligning LC’s focus program with the MC’s direction as well. Each programs were tiered into respective levels to showcase the current position, strategies needed and to motivate on striving forward. P&G was here to share with us on the methods of growing with quality which are the 5Es (Execute, Engage, Energizes, Enable & Energy management). Last but not least, UMP’s LC coach would be Ms Joanne Lim, the Member Committee President (MCP) for the term 14/15. WOW right?

Day four and five are more towards the departmental knowledge and reality from both of the exchange and supporting departments. Moreover, functional trainings were provided as well to further enhance departmental knowledge and synergies between each departments. These knowledge and trainings have prepared us on finalizing LC goals and term planning with action plans. Besides, Maybank was here as well to share what are the talents they seek in graduates nowadays.

As for the last day of NatCon, it is on recapping the essence of each day and what we have done throughout this NatCon. Important points such as the goal, strategies were highlighted that day so we would remember it vividly. 230 of us together would not forget this very moment as we have gathered and united as one entity with a common goal which is to develop action-driven youth leaders towards a united Malaysia.

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step. We are ready, are you?

Opportunities Ahead!

So, are you fired up after knowing what really happened last month? Do you wish to contribute to LC UMP? Regretted that you didn’t take a chance in the LC VP and Manager application? It is ok as we have more opportunities for you~ We have the various event going on very soon which is the Local Leadership Development Seminar (LLDS), Around the World (ATW) as well as the Youth to Business forum (Y2B). Some insights:

  • LLDS is a local level youth development conference which serve as a platform for youth to take that one step forward and culture the leadership potential within them.
  • ATW is the largest cultural showcasing event and exchange fair in UMP which aims to bring in global cross-cultural living experiences to local level, showcasing impacts of life exchanging experiences.
  • Y2B is an AIESEC powered event which aims to connect young leaders and businesses around relevant topics to generate new, actionable ideas and thought about the future within local level.

These events won’t run without the Organizing Committee Presidents (OCP) itself. So why not take a chance and make difference in your life? You will never know what you would gain through these experiences. Are you ready to contribute?

Check out the application package at the link below: