The Benefits of Scalp Care

What you need to know about your scalp/hair

Client Counsultation

When clients first set foot in the salon they're going to make judgement's about their surrounding ,the music that is playing in the background etc.....When a client comes in before you introduce him or her to your work station make sure you greet the client shake hands you get to your work station be sure to drape your client with a clean towel and examine his or her's hair. Address any issues that might prevent you from providing any or the services that you have to offer.Some clients may have high blood pressure diabetes or some type of circulatory conditions this can be hazardous if a scalp massage is one of the services you are providing.

The purpose of a scalp treatment is to keep the hair and scalp clean.Maintaining a clean and healthy scalp will promote healthy hair growth.Scalp treatment includes a scalp massage and shampooing.The purpose of a scalp massage is to stimulate and relax the client.Scalp massages are only to be preformed during and / or before the shampooing process.The shampooing service allows you as a professional to enter your client's comfort zone.


Recommending Shampoo/hair care products

While shampooing your client's hair take some time to evaluate the type of hair that your client has ,see what they're hair is missing or has too much of.Whether your client has very oily or very dry hair.Using your prior knowledge in hair care products you can assist your client on what types of shampoo, hair spray or any dangerous chemicals that they shouldn't put in their hair and the things they should use in their hair.Recommend the products that they should use for their hair at home based on what the client wants for their hair and what you believe they should use and be sure to explain why you're recommending the product that you want them to use."Using the right home-care products can make all the difference in how your client's hair looks ,feels, behaves." -via Milady text book page 312.


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-Alesha Bassier