digtal citizens

By Connie

Be safe online

Think before you post or text-- Think before you send the email and think because you can make lots of people sad and you are becoming a bully!!!!!!

What goes around and comes around

Always put you settings on private or else people can hack your computer and can lean your private life and people can tease you and tell everyone about you private life and know where you come from and where you live!!!

spread heart, not hurt

Don't be brave online because you could get bully and teased at school so don't be brave online because when you are faced to face you will get scared and shy

Give and get credit

When you are doing homework witch you don't know what it means just ask a teacher don't copy and pasted it else that is yaking someones eleses work not yours!

Make this world you want to live

Always do positive comments and if you like the photo like it but if you don't just be nice and not be mean

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