By:Caleigh Westhoff

Classified as what?

A Haumea is classified as a Dwarf planet

What is the length of a year?

The length of a year on Haumea is 285 earth years.

What is the length of a day?

The length of a day on Haumea is 3.9 earth hours

What is the tempeature range?

The temperature range on Haumea is between -241 degrees Celsius to -405 degrees Celsius.

What is the composition of it?

The composition of Haumea is primarily rock with a thin layer of ice over it.

What is the distance from the sun?

The distance between the sun and Haumea is approximately 43.1 astronomical units (AU).

Do any have moons?

Yes Haumea have 2 known moons.

What are at least 3 distinguishing charachteristics of it?

Three things about Haumea are that Haumea has a dark red spot on it, it has a thin layer of ice over it .moons have satellite.

Name at least 2 missions that has explored it and the date the mission launched.

There are no missions to Haumea.