GAFE U Travel Facts

August 8-10

Travel Information

Hello there Attendees!

CEEAS is looking forward to seeing you soon at GAFE U. Here is a handy-dandy travel guide to GAFE U.

BWI Airport

You will arrive at the BWI Airport. Click here to visit to the airport's website for maps and information.

Airport Pickup

Melanie Miller will be arranging and providing your rides to and from the airport. She will have a copy of your arrival and departure information.

Her email is Her number is 410-599-9705. Once you arrive at BWI, please text or call her to arrange a meet up place.

The Red Lion Hotel "RL"

All attendees will stay in a single occupancy hotel room. Click here to see more information about the hotel.

**CEEAS will pay for your room but at checkin, the hotel requires the occupant of the room to present a credit or debit card for incidentals.

Traveling By Car?

For participants who are not traveling by air and are driving to GAFE U, please valet park your car when you arrive at the RL and inform the attendants that you are attending CEEAS GAFE U conference. All parking has been prepaid.


Breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be provided for participants for all days GAFE U is in session (Monday breakfast through Wednesday lunch). Some of our meals will be catered, group meals at the hotel, and others will be offsite. All breakfasts will be provided in the lobby.


CEEAS will not provide a ‘per diem’ to participants. However, we will offer modest reimbursement for items such as airport parking ($10/day), baggage fees for 1 bag, Participants will complete a reimbursement form at before leaving GAFE U to be reimbursed for these costs. You will be required to submit receipts.


Click here to check the weather in Baltimore **Bring layers for conference rooms which can get cold. **We will be going outside.

Check Out and Departure Procedures

  1. Check out time has been extended on Wednesday until 2:00 pm however, we suggest that you take your luggage out of your room during your lunch break
  2. Please check out with reception at the RL
  3. Please check out with Mi Ji and get your expenses (if any) taken care of
  4. A shuttle will be at the RL to take people to the airport- you will not be left stranded, we have all of your departure times and will provide and ensure that you have a ride to the airport
  5. For those who are leaving later on Wednesday and Thursday, please be ready two hours before your flight in the lobby. Melanie Miller will reach out and confirm your ride to the airport.

Still have Questions?

Mi Ji Kim: 410-707-7912