Special Edition: APEX tomorrow


Tomorrow is the day we have all been waiting for! The APEX Obstacle course is making its debut at West Cypress Hills.

Your child(ren) may have shared with you we have a friendly competition going on with Bee Cave Elementary who is also having their APEX obstacle run the same day as us. The winning campus principal will get to wrap up the other campus principal as a mummy AND have to celebrate the win on the marquee of the losing campus for a week.

We have been in the lead throughout the last two weeks however they are steadily gaining on us. We have two more days to continue our championship reign!! I know how this community comes together in times of need and am looking forward to a BIG WIN! I can't wait to head over to BCE and not only wrap that principal up but also take a picture of their marquee. "WCHE Tigers Rock!"

Melanie Beninga

APEX Spectators welcome

Visitors and Volunteers Welcome to Attend the October 21 Obstacle Course Event!

Provided that our weather cooperates, our Tigers will enjoy running the APEX Obstacle Course outdoors on our field on Thursday, October 21. And, weather permitting, families may come to the field to watch the running of the APEX Obstacle Course!!!!

The playground gate on the Verbena side of the school will be manned by PTO Volunteers, and they will allow entrance to visitors wearing our visitor badges. If you have already had your photo ID scanned into our WCHE Raptor security system, RSVP here so that we can print your visitor badge and have it available for you at the "will call" table at the gate. All other visitors will need to bring a photo ID to the Front Office to obtain a visitor badge.

If you'd like to lend a hand and VOLUNTEER, just sign up here! We'll print your volunteer badge and have it waiting for you at the "will call" table, too!

No Lunch Visitors Tomorrow

Beginning Monday, October 18th, we began welcoming lunch visitors in our outdoor seating area. This area is located under the awning next to the basketball courts. Due to the constant and heavy traffic expected, we will not be able to set up that area with tables tomorrow but we will be ready to resume welcoming lunch visitors on Friday.
APEX Pledge/Donation Link

Log in to make a donation or pledge using the unique access code assigned to your Tiger(s.)

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Obstacle Course Schedule for Thursday, October 21--Want to be a Volunteer?

Weather permitting, our Tigers will be participating in the APEX Obstacle Course event on our field at the following times:

Kindergarten...........10:50 am

1st Grade..................1:10 pm

2nd Grade................11:45 am

3rd Grade...................9:55 am

4th Grade...................9:00 am

5th Grade...................8:00 am

If you'd like to be an APEX Obstacle Course Volunteer and lend a hand on the BIG DAY, sign up here! We will print Volunteer badges and have them ready for you at the "will call" table located at the gate. Thanks for volunteering!