New Learning Tools

An explanation of a few of our new learning techniques

Starting immediately, we will be implementing a series of new teaching strategies in order to create the best learning environment for your children. These changes are expected to strengthen the communication and collaboration skills and abilities of our students.

Online Classrooms

We will start using Edmodo, an online classroom, in order to aid with our students connected and collaborate. This will allow use to meet and communicate virtually outside of a classroom setting. The value in this tool is that it provides a place for students to be reached outside of our limiting classroom hours. It will be used to supplement some homework assignments instead of simply being more work in addition to classic homework assignments.

Interactive Gaming

Our first change will be an increase in the use of interactive learning games. We believe that kids learn better when they are having fun, and we like the potential for kids to immerse themselves in a game to the point that they want to be playing outside of the classroom!

One potential destination for learning through games: Quizlet

Google Docs

This semester, the students will be using Google Docs for collaboration between group members for a project. Google Docs allows students to instantly share and modify work among their group without the need for meeting in-person. Many high schoolers have a busy schedule, so we believe that the use of this learning tool will allow students to work at their own pace while still contributing to group assignments.